Petric – Flashbacks

Petric - Flashback



4.5/5 Pros

  • No weak song
  • Very present, powerful modern country tracks Cons

  • Just nine songs and a lot of love

Just a week before Petric released their album Flashbacks on 15th January 2021, I ran into their single Kids and really loved that song. Thus, I have been really curious how the act will be alike on a full long-play. Here is my detailed album review.

Petric – About The Artists

I am unfortunately quite confused about the bio information I have about Petric, as it is partially contradicting. Undoubtedly, they come from Transcona, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The band is a trio containing of the two brothers Jason and Tom Petric, who are joined by Jordan Day. The trio had its first steps in 2015 and was signed just one year later. They had a really nice start: between 2015 and 2019, seven songs in a row made it to the Top 40 of the Canadian country charts. Their debut Here Goes Everything (2015) even made it to the 22nd spot, the 2017 song 18 Ends had the best chart placement so far (15th). Along that road, they released two EPs already, the 2015 It Girl (which is also the title of their second single) and the 2017 18 Ends. Thus, Flashbacks is their first album release.


Petric – Flashbacks – Track by Track

The nine song album lasts 30 minutes.

1. Kids

That’s the track which made me run into Petric. It barely made it to the my “major” Country Music Playlists. Not too surprising, I really love it. Isn’t it a bit Keith Urban style?

2. Deja Vu

The last song I have in mind which is called Deja Vu is a track by Dieter Bohlen’s Blue System. I guess most people, even non-country music lovers, would prefer this Manitoba edition of elaborating on the topic. Indeed, this track is a lovely modern country one. Great job…. And give in, you prayed that the track is not a cover version, did you? 🙂

3. White Lyin’

White Lyin’ is a very slow starter, which is gaining more and more power over its 3:30 minutes playtime. I really struggle that Petric did not go for this one as a single – I feel it is about the strongest track on the album.

4. Single Problem

But I ain’t got a single problem since I found you
Went from dancing in circles to dancing with you
Now my table for one is a table for two
Ain’t got a single problem since I found you

Single Problem is indeed an issue about struggling being alone – but then comes the girl of your life. Love is emotion, emotion is music – but if you find that lovely metaphors, singing about love just cannot get boring.

5. Autumn Leaves

Seasonally, Autumn Leaves may be some months too late at the time of album release – but Petric just are not seasonal. Five songs so far, five good ones. I generally struggle with eight or nine track album (unless it is metal and the tracks are really, really long) – but if you do them all right, you may still be on the very top. Love it.

6. Something to Do with You

Maybe it’s the way you look at me
Maybe it’s the way you say my name
All I know is the sky’s never seems so blue
It’s got something to do with you

If you sing this lyrics to a lady – and if you do it in such a lovely way as this sixth song of the album, she will love you, I am sure. Very sure. Because I love that song.

7. Safe with Me

If there is one thing I may say on the negative side about this album so far is that there are just more or less love topics exclusively. Safe with Me is no exception to that. So if you just had a tough time in heart things – don’t listen too intensively. The songs are good (as Safe with me is as well) – so they will touch you. The album does not come with too many weak spots – but again it is a song I would have definitely opted for as a single.

8. If I Was Your Man

You wouldn’t be showing up here at two am on my doorstep crying
You wouldn’t keep turning to me every time he don’t understand
And asking me to hold you
Saying that it’s over
You wouldn’t be leaving here lying
If I was your man

Drama, baby! This one is something like the climax of emotional struggle on the Flashbacks musical universe. Love it or hate it – this song might very likely touch you.

9. All Who Wander

In the middle of icy Manitoba times, Petric closes with a song, which rather comes with summer feelings. A lovely song and great listen again. In contrast to many songs which remind of Keith Urban, this one has a slight Rascal Flatts touch to me. Not the worst influence, indeed.


Petric – Flashbacks – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget for Flashbacks:


Petric – Flashbacks – My View

This album leaves me with a deep struggle. Nine songs – and I will have to pick one for my Sunday update of the Country Music Playlists. This will definitely be a very difficult choice. The Manitoba trio published nine songs – and most of them are good. Great to see that the Canadian country scene comes with some real gems of the genre. These Flashbacks are really good!


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