Pete Murray – The Night EP

Pete Murray - The Night



4.4/5 Pros

  • Six really well-written stories
  • Very nice atmopshere and lyrics

Interesting music from Australia: one of the new releases as of 5th March 2021 I ran into is The Night, the first ever released EP by Pete Murray. After a couple of successful albums, he is now going for the shorter way of releasing music. Here are my thoughts about his new songs.


Pete Murray – About The Artist

Peter Kenneth Murray is an Australian singer-songwriter, who is majorly doing rock and folk music. He was born on 14th October 1969 in Chinchilla, Queensland and is now living in Brisbane. In his youth years, Murray rather felt to become a successful sports person than a musician, though. He was talented in Rugby Union, athletics and swimming and took part in the Australian Athletics Championships in the 400 meter dash contest. He learned the guitar at the age of 22. His debut album, the 2001 independently released, was not that successful. However, his three following albums consecutively topped the Australian charts: Feeler (2003), See The Sun (2005) and Summer at Eureka (2008). The album had good placements in New Zealand and in the Netherlands as well. The 2003 single So Beautiful was a top 10 one in Murray’s home country. His fifth album Blue Sky Blue still made a golden record in 2011. The album was re-recorded two years later and still was a Top 20 one. In 2017, Murray released his last album so far, Camacho. 


Pete Murray – The Night – Track by Track

The six tracks have a total duration of 18 minutes.

1. Found My Place

Life is a long winding road
There’ll be many road blocks ahead
You will stumble and you will fall
Just hold steady on every word I’ve said
There’ll be hard nights cold times and heartache
Don’t ever let your dreams die or fade
The further away from each other
The louder I hear you say

The EP starts with Found My Place, which is a lovely mid-tempo rock song with folk and country elements. Your heart’s where I found… My Place – this one is a song straight for the heart. Cool.

2. If We Never Dance Again

If you never see my face again
Know I’m still a friend
That you can call
If you never hold my hand again
If we never dance again
Will you fall

Piano backing, slight rhythm sounds and other instruments: this ballad is just magic. Music I can so well relate to. Especially the rhythm gives it a nice additional touch, indeed. Love it.

3. Because of You

Because of You is rather slow, almost having a blues or soul touch. The reduced instrumental range gives it a very intimate and direct touch. Again, the rhythm is quite present – so the song is indeed a tune which makes you want to want to move to its groove.

4. We’ll Be the Fire

So take your time
I’ll be waiting for you
You’re be just fine
I’m gonna carry you through
We’ll be the fire
Let’s keep it burning for two
And if we part
We’ll always find the way home again

Pete Murray is doing music which is just touching me in so many ways: it feels so direct, intimate. It reminds me of my favorite music era, the 1980’s. And it is rock with lovely Americana elements, also very rhythmic. To make it short: I feel he is doing great music – and We’ll Be the Fire is my favorite track on the EP.

5. The Fall Apart

You simply feel that this song has been written in Nashville. There is that Music City touch on this tune. And I love to listen to it.

6. Waiting for This Love

Damn, is it really over yet? Waiting for This Love is a rather slow closing track with string sounds in the background and gentle vocals telling the story of the song. Nice way to say goodbye from these ones.



Pete Murray – The Night – Spotify

Here is Pete Murray’s EP on Spotify:


Pete Murray – The Night – My View

Finally, I feel that The Night is my favorite publication this weekend. I love to listen to Murray’s voice, I love the lyrics. The Australian is simply touching me. Great music – I absolutely recommend and feel it that much deserves the Top Pick! rating.


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