Palila – Mind My Mind

Palila - Mind My Mind



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very characteristic sound
  • Already a clear line in their sophomore alvum

When I first googled of “Palila”, I ran into a cute yellow-white bird. Palila from Hamburg, however, are less cute and more rocking. The indie-rock band is released their album Mind My Mind on 19th May 2023. It is the second time I release an album of the German band.


Palila – About The Artist

Palila are active since 2019. In 2021 already, they released their debut album Rock’n’Roll Sadness. In the album review, you also find some additional bio information.


Palila – Mind My Mind – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 44 minutes.

1. Planet C4DCB

The opener sounds like a song by The Killers to me. Or, to be more precise: the way The Killers used to sound in the good times, when they recorded a rather slow and atmospheric track. Is Hamburg the new Las Vegas?

2. Restless

After a dream-ish and atmospheric opener, it is time to push the rock power a bit more. The single release is catching you from the very first moment with a stomping rhythm. We’re on a mission to solve problems from above – the space topic and metaphor is one of the linking elements between the first and the second song.

3. Tomorrow Again

The beginning of Tomorrow Again feels to be rather needlessly connecting to Restless. However, the band is speeding up a bit, driven by drummer Sascha Krüger. A really nice listen

4. Try To Fail Again

If you look at the instrumental side, this single release is rather in focus of Christoph Kirchner. The bassist is providing a nice groovy touch, so that Try To Fall Again feels like a modern blues rocker. The instruments are still allowing singer Matthias Schwettmann to present the story with his characteristic, a bit of squeky voice. The band sounds so familiar, even though Mind My Mind is just their sophomore album.

5. Aisles

Haven’t found my inner peace
Haven’t found my happiness
Haven’t found my soulmate yet
Haven’t found God

Aisles is a song which is starting with so much struggle and desperation, but then surprises with a comparably fluent and harmonic chorus. Again, the song is beautifully lead by the bass – even though this one does not come with a blues touch. He tells me now that there is no God, happiness or peace is then a statement rather towards the end of the song. Nice songwriting.

6. Ramshackle Sweetheart

Palila worked with different Northern German bands on this album to create a wide range of sounds. Songs like this one profit a lot from that and give a new touch, a surprising melodic style.

7. Circles

The seventh song Circles begins with a rather fast bass theme, the guitars are joining with their key melody soon thereafter. With a total duration of six minutes, the Hamburg band can easily afford to have a one minute instrumental opening, before the lyrics join in. Nice, quick, rhythmic style of this song, which has also been one of the appetizers of the album release campaign.

8. To My Friend

Palila sound surprisingly heavy, but not too dark, on To My Friend. The pre-chorus part is a nice dramatic crescendo towards the key thesis, Someone’s gonna stop this, Someone’s gonna wake up. One song, which beautifully illustrates the thoughtful songwriting by the band.

9. Turnstile

The rather guitar-driven Turnstile feels a bit lighter and more easy than the songs before. Nonetheless, the Germans put a lot of focus on their picturesque storytelling.

10. Done

When you look at the duration of Done, the less than two minute song feels to be an interlude, a short message. But in fact, it is a song, which just does not need more time to deliver its message and leave a mark. Farewell, my fantasy, I’m done – a somehow sad key message, which is is presented with the touch of a folk song.

11. Minnesota Winter

After this short and rather quiet message, this trip to the Minnesota Winter feels even more rocking. To me, this song is one of the hidden gems of Palila’s sophomore album. A beautiful melodic song with a very fluent, harmonic storytelling style.

12. Back On Track

The main rhythm of the closing song initially reminded me of some 1980’s pop and wave sounds. However, Back On Track changes into a very own style. Mind My Mind comes with a rather loud and present finale, not a quiet coda to close with.


Palila – Mind My Mind – Spotify

Here is Mind My Mind on Spotify:


Palila – Mind My Mind – My View

Mind My Mind is a really nice second release by the Northern Germans. They simply give you a good time and feel modern, versatile and individual. Palila defined their own style and character – let’s see what the next steps will be alike.


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