The Playlist Overview

With the volume of music coverage on steadily increasing, i more and more published special playlists as well. You could find some of them more or less through my Spotify profile only (which is my preferred streaming partner). I felt that the website should also give you a better overview which streaming experiences my blog project is offering you. Here is an overview about my playlists so far, especially after I had to reform the country playlists again


Periodically Updated Playlists

Two playlists are updated regularly – one for country music and one featuring all other genres. Country Music Playlists

I regard the Country Music Playlists being the main playlist I am producing. I update it on a weekly basis. With the reforming of my playlists, I will merge the playlist with the New Country Songs playlist. Each week, I am writing update notes on the site below. The playlist is the only one left which is in parallel published on Spotify and Amazon Music.

The Country Music Playlists Songs of the Week

There are weekly postings in my Songs of the Week category. The posts are rather focusing on music, which is promoted in German radio, just due to the way I produce it. I strictly care for new releases as explicit single releases of that week. There is no country music in there. You also find the playlist below.


Seasonal Playlists based on

Currently, there are only regular Christmas season playlists. However, due to the seizure of operation by Every Noise at Once, I am not sure whether I will be able to provide these playlists in the future. The conditions under which I created these playlists differ slightly. However, there are only country music Christmas song released in that calendar year in it. (Non-Country) Christmas 2023

In 2023, I also shared some non-country Christmas songs with you. Here is the corresponding post. Country Christmas 2023

I had to stop curating the playlist due to the close-down of the Spotify search engine named above. Country Christmas 2022

In 2022, the playlist became already much popular than in the first year of trying out this project. Country Christmas 2021

2021 has been the first year I published a Country Christmas playlist.


Automated Seasonal Playlists

The year-end review by Spotify is just too tempting for not being shared. In fact, they just give a rough idea about the music I was listening to the previous 12 months. But somehow I felt that it might be interesting for you. Just a fun service, I don’t use too many words in here as well.


My 100 Favorite Tracks in 2023


My 100 Favorite Tracks in 2022


My 100 Favorite Tracks in 2021


Occasional & Other Playlists

On top of that, there are some playlists, which are more or less related to a posting or a special event. Hope you like these ones as well: Like above they are given in reverse order of when I published the playlist. Andreas Dorau Favorites

Just a week before Andreas Dorau released a new album, I introduced you to my favorite Andreas Dorau songs (so far…). There are even more songs in the playlist. Eurovision Favorites

In May 2023, I had to introduce you to My Favorite Eurovision Song Contest Songs. While I just gave you a few international and German favorites, the playlist underlying features even more cool tracks. Rock of Ages Original

Rock of Ages is my favorite musical. The jukebox musical covers several originals, mainly from the 1980’s. I compared the musical version with the originals in a June 2024 blog post and added a corresponding playlist to it: Weird Al Yankovic Tour 2023

The fact that Weird Al Yankovic was doing his first European shows for years and even his first ever in Germany was just too flattering to me. Late 2022 and early 2023 has several posts about that. However, I just had to give you a playlist with candidate songs (no covers, just originals!) in this teasing post. Zärtliche Chaoten II Playlist

This is finally one of my favorite playlists. I tried to re-create the soundtrack of the German movie Zärtliche Chaoten II. I do have the original album, but it is not available on Spotify. The reason for publishing the playlist was a 2020 posting about visiting some of the original recording locations, 32 years later.