Myle – Songs To Scream In The Car

Myle - Songs To Scream In The Car



4.5/5 Pros

  • Very nice debut
  • A wide range of tracks

Myle is a rather new artist from Southern Germany. On 20th October 2023, the pop artist is releasing his debut album. The title is Songs To Scream In The Car. Let’s see if I had to scream while listening to the recordings.


Myle – About The Artist

Myle is a German artist from Ravensburg in Germany. Born there on 4th August 2000, his father is a local, but his mother is originally from New York City. Thus, Myle grew up bilingual. He initially learned to play the piano, later guitar. Already in teenage years, he had initial appearances on major festivals. He has already been in the lineup of the well-reputed New Pop Festival in Baden-Baden. Releasing music since 2020, he published his debut EP Sad Boy Summer in 2022.


Myle – Songs To Scream In The Car – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 28 minutes.

1. Love Sucks

Love Sucks opens the album in a rather moderate way, but with the chorus, the song is developing a nice presence. Love sucks, but I need it like that – who could not relate to this very fresh and uplifting first track.

2. That Other Boy

That Other Boy is one out of three feature singles released so far. The song is rather melancholic and focuses on telling the story than presenting catching rhythm. That does not mean at all that the song is boring. Especially the chorus again comes with a rather dramatic presence. I only miss you when you’re with that other boy – another song with a rather sad topic.

3. Run Away

I listened to the song multiple times – also as I just did not find the right time to write down these words. With the very rhythmic vibes the contrast between almost spoken words and a very melodic post-chorus, Run Away is one of the most present songs of the album to. Very nice songwriting.

4. Patience

With over half a million streams on Spotify only, Patience has been the key track of the promotion campaign to the album. Again, Myle works with very contrasting elements. Some melodies feel trustworthy from the very first moment. Still the song does not feel like a cheap bootleg at all. Myle is adding his signature style to the world of pop music.

5. Lie You Love Me

The press kit states how much Myle has been influenced to do music when he visited his grandparents in the USA. Songs like Lie You Love Me illustrate this in a beautiful way. The chorus could easily be part of an airplay-begging Music City mainstream production. The fifth track comes with a lovely groove.

6. Something In Between

The sixth track is a nice modern pop track, which is also coming with some synth elements as the main theme. Despite the song comes with a modern arrangement, this also leads to a touch of music nostalgia.

7. Code 40

Bad luck that Code 40 is one of the shortest songs of the album. It is another modern, groovy song, which is spreading some US-American music vibes. Would love to hear more of that. Nice song.

8. Leave Me Slowly

The eighth song presents a very emotional and rather quiet song. Not really a ballad, but it is simply amazing to listen to the artist and to see how wisely and fine he using his voice in the stanzas. The chorus feels like a bang in contrast to that.

9. Who Do You Love

The briefly howling guitars create a very special groove to the pre-closing song. I love to be surprised with another very different sound on this album. And wish Myle good luck that many people like his songs.

10. Pure

Songs To Scream In The Car is closing with its longest song. For over two minutes, the song feels like a melancholic ballad. However, rather suddenly, the energy and pain is breaking and Myle’s track turns into a harder alternative rocker for a short moment. Very dramatic – I like both parts of the track.


Myle – Songs To Scream In The Car – Spotify

Here is Songs To Scream In The Car on Spotfy:


Myle – Songs To Scream In The Car – My View

Even though I have listened to Songs To Scream In The Car, I just don’t get tired from it. The album is very versatile and presents a lot of different aspects of this young artist. Modern pop with a lot of talent and some really nice influences. Definitely worth a listen.

Favorite Song: Code 40


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