Emily Lockett – What The Hell Have I Got Myself Into?

Emily Lockett - What The Hell Have I Got Myself Into?



3.6/5 Pros

  • Five nice country-pop tracks
  • Very characteristic voice and style Cons

  • EP does not contain a special / outstanding song
  • Already released physically last summer

I met her at the British Country Music Festival in 2019, I listened to her singing – and I simply loved it. Some one year, I introduced you to Emily Lockett in a Spotlight interview. Now the emerging English country singer is back with a new five song EP. Here is my review of What The Hell Have I Got Myself Into?, which has been released on 13th January 2023. The EP has been available to backers physically before, but is now also available on streaming services.


Emily Lockett – About The Artist

Emily is a country pop artist from Stoke-upon-Trend in the United Kingdom. The is releasing music since 2018, when her album My Imagination came our. After some singles, she released the EP Paint the Town Red in 2021. What The Hell Have I Got Myself Into? is her second EP release.


Emily Lockett – What The Hell Have I Got Myself Into? – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 19 minutes

1. Girl Out Of Nowhere

The Girl Out Of Nowhere is opening the EP. A rather typical British country pop song. I enjoy listening to Emily’s voice in here. The guitars are strumming some driving chords in the background as well. Overall, the song is not coming with too many surprises if you know Emily’s discography a bit. But it is a really nice listen.

2. Never Be You

Never Be You is a really good one in my point view. The pre-chorus is beautifully leading into the very present chorus, while the verses are rather thoughtful and feel comparably fragile. Especially in the bridge, the electric guitars lead to the necessary energy.

3. I Only I (piano version)

If you rather feel like a gentle ballad, this one could require some tissues. The very special character of Emily’s voice is beautifully supported by the piano and a little bit of strings. I would have loved her voice to be even more present in this song.

4. I Said Hi

She said… Not Yes… Just hi.. The fourth song of the album has a cheeky, young and fresh vibe on the melodic side, even though the touch on the vocal side is even a bit of melancholic.

5. When You Walk Into the Room

Finally, I feel that the closing song is the one with the biggest country radio performance. The song is nicely driven by the guitars. In the middle part, however, Emily is almost presenting reggae vibes to us. I love it. The sing-a-long part towards the end of the song feels a bit too much to me, though – that’s what you need to do live.


Emily Lockett – What The Hell Have I Got Myself Into? – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Emily Lockett – What The Hell Have I Got Myself Into? – My View

These five songs are a nice compilation. Glad that Emily is finally sharing them with us (and you don’t have to rely on going to her shows or doing mail order. It’s not top class country-pop entertainment, but good enough to be enjoyable.



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