Breathe Your Last – Apocalypse

Breathe Your Last - Apocalypse



3.8/5 Pros

  • Versatile sounds
  • Good work between lead and backing vocals Cons

  • Some tracks feel a bit similar

The album preview of the week this time is a bit of darker than the beautiful melodies of A Smell of Gravy by The Cumberland River Project previous week. Apocalypse is the second album by the band Breathe Your Last, the band is going for the hard hammering guitar chords. Album release will be on 1st July 2022.


Breathe Your Last – About The Artists

Breathe Your Last is a death metal band, which has been founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 2017. The trio is lead by singer and guitarist Javier Garcia, Jan Hauschild ist the bassist and Kaden Fletcher the drummer of the band. In 2019, they released Karma Bitch, the band’s debut album.


Breathe Your Last – Apocalypse – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Frail

The album opens with the sound of a rain shower – and the song Frail. The Northern German band rather goes for a slow starter, working with dark chords in the first minute – before the song turns into a more intense listen.

2. Enemy

Before Breathe Your Last is starting to hammer chords and drums at the song Enemy, the song has some rather melodic first seconds. Good dramatic style with a nice variety of styles on the vocal side. Very energetic, relatable track, which keeps a certain level of melodic elements. Good listen.

3. Born From A Tomb

Javier Garcia is doing a lot of growling (sometimes, almost grunting) in this third track. The song is definitely increasing the heaviness-meter, but the backing vocals, which shout like a choir in the background, also leads to a nice duet style feeling. Bad luck that I cannot translate the German nickname for the drum kit, Schießbude (literally: “shooting gallery”) here – it would be a perfect fit.

4. Rotting

Rotting comes with a mixture of singing and growling in the verses, which leads to a very special sound. For the chorus, Garcia goes back to his standard metal voice. One of the most versatile listens of the album from a melodic perspective.

5. Black Heart

Black Heart start with a nice bass groove line and thus is a short showcase for the instrumental talent of Jan Hauschild, Overall, the bass vibe in this song is really good, the backing vocals shouting 666 feel to be a bit too stereotype to be real. Nonetheless, I definitely enjoy the listen.

6. Z-Apocalypse

Can you name this song the title track of the album? The song indeed starts slowly and could even turn into a metal ballad, if Kaden Fletcher wouldn’t drive his bandmate with fast base drum sounds to let their fingers fly over the strings of their guitar and bass. Finally, how could a ballad describe the Zombie Apocalypse, anyway?

7. No More Gods

There are quite some songs on the album which have a nice potential for a singing battle of the band and their fans at their concerts. This one is a perfect illustration for that. Maybe not the best song of all in here, but a good chance for some death metal fun.

8. Life Of Purpose

The bass and the drums are driving the song, Javier Garcia is driving the song with his voice and the guitar. A song, which does not feel too different to others on the album, but the bridge part is quite nice.

9. No End

The rather “soft” (I guess that is already some sort of insult) and melodic No End has just so much groove – it finally turns to my of favorite songs. Good one.

10. Hatemachine

The Apocalypse is closing with the almost five minute Hatemachine, which is a nice demonstration of the skills of the band. Great guitar solos, hammering drums, good instrumental and vocal parts and some nice bass lines – I am sure you will find some parts of this machine worth listening to.


Breathe Your Last – Apocalypse – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Breathe Your Last – Apocalypse – My View

This Hamburg Apocalypse is maybe not a death metal must-listen – but I really enjoyed the album. The band is fun, doing straight songs. Most parts of the album are entertaining, some songs could be a bit more creative and unique. Good one.


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