Christa Fartek – Nashville and Me

Christa Fartek - Nashville and Me



3.3/5 Pros

  • Some nice Nashville vibes
  • Good ideas and range of tracks Cons

  • Just seven songs
  • German tracks at the beginning just don't feel to match to the second half of the album

Schlager, pop and country – that’s how Christa Fartek brands herself on her latest seven track album Nashville and Me. Indeed, the album has been recorded at the Cumberland River, so that I was really curious about this release (I always like when German speaking artist go for the country genre…). Release date has been 3rd June 2022.


Christa Fartek – About The Artist

Christa Fartek is an Austrian artist from Feldbach in Styria (Steiermark). By coincidence, she is thus located quite close to the Zotter Chocolate World I recently presented. Despite Fartek is in the music business for almost two decades, I could not find too much bio about her. She initially concentrated rather on schlager songs like her debut single, the 2005 Was Liebe Ist. The song even has been a Top 10 success. In the mid-2010’s she also added more and more country music tracks to her setlist.


Christa Fartek – Nashville and Me – Track by Track

The seven song album lasts 25 minutes.

1. Schenke Mir Kein Dutzend Rosen

Country music? The album starts with a clear schlager texture. “Don’t give me a dozen of roses, give me more time with you” – the song is describing the desparate situation of the wife of a businessman. The Nashville influence of this song feels limited, compared to other songs of this small album.

2. Bitte Bleib

“Please stay” – this song is already about a year old, as the single has been released in June 2021. Even though most listeners would still identify it as schlager or schlager-pop, there is definitely a stronger Cumberland River flavor in this listen.


3. Die Träume von Damals

Die Träume von Damals is the second (and thus: latest) featured song before. More power, more rocking texture – and a better listen in my point of view. Nice pop-alike storytelling with a nice rhythm.

Wo sind all die Träume hin von damals?
Wir waren jung, wir waren frei
Das Leben lag für uns bereit
Wir reisten durch die Welt
Und nur ein Camping-Zelt
Reichte uns um darin zu schlafen
Wo sind all die Träume hin von damals, die Träme von damals?

(“Where are all the back then dreams gone?
Wir have been young, we have been free
Life was ready for us
We traveled the world
And a camping tent was enough
To sleep in it
Where are all the back then dreams gone, the back then dreams?”)

4. A Country Woman

After the first three songs come with German lyrics, Christa Fartek now switches to English. I would love if A Country Woman would even dare to be more rocking and energetic than it already is. Nice country-pop track, which stays in your mind. Bad luck that it still did not soak up the full Nashville spirit.

5. This Must Be Love

The fifth track has a nice vibe and groove. Again, Christa Fartek creates a nice, easy atmosphere in her song. Bad luck that she did not dare one of the English songs yet – I definitely prefer the second half of the songs over the first one.

6. One Night

The album feels like a metamorphosis: while it starts with a schlager track, Nashville and Me more and more feels to dare to sound like Nashville’s finest music is sounding. One Night is a nice duet, which even comes with strong and present steel guitar sounds. On the other hand, the vocals illustrate that German schlager and Nashville traditional country are somehow related or at least similar.

7. Heal My Heart Again

The album closes with the ballad Heal My Heart Again. Fartek is also presenting a bit of a darker voice, which I definitely enjoy as a flavor. Good closing recording.


Christa Fartek – Nashville and Me – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Christa Fartek – Nashville and Me – My View

Nashville and Me feels like a travel from schlager to country music. Unfortunately, it takes too many songs to get into the genre. Apart from the very last song, all songs still have a schlager soul. What a shame, the songs show a nice potential. What I just don’t get at all is that only the German language tracks have been released yet – they are not that characteristic for this (too) short album. Overall, I enjoyed the seven songs, but they are not good enough for the very high range of ratings. and Austria

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