Arny Margret – dinner alone EP

Arny Margret - dinner alone



3.2/5 Pros

  • Very characteristic and atmospheric folk music Cons

  • Final song rather weak
  • Nine minutes out of the fourteen minutes EP already released

The Icelandic artist Arny Margret is truly a musician I enjoy following with On 22nd September, she is releasing a new set of four songs. Here is my review of her EP dinner alone.


Arny Margret – About The Artist

Arny Margreat was born on 7th May 2001 in Isafjordur in the Icelandic Westfjord. She moved to Denmark after finishing high school, but Covid-19 forded her to move back to her home country. I already featured her EP intertwined and he album they only ask about the weather, both released in 2022. The corresponding posts also include some more bio information.


Arny Margret – dinner alone – Track by Track

The four song EP lasts 14 minutes

1. Waiting

The first song is rather intimate and emotional one. You are Waiting for somebody, f a certain moment, but this person is not realizing that you are there. The result is a typical Arny Margret track: it does not need much more than some instrumental background and the voice of the Icelandic artist. Feels very touching.

2. Dinner alone

The second song of the EP is Dinner alone. The song continues with the thoughtful, melancholic style of the opener. On the instrumental side, the title track is even more stripped down. Nonetheless, the piano feels to be more sent than the artist herself. Very intense atmosphere.

3. I went outside

There are four songs on this EP – two of them have already teased Dinner alone as single releases. After the very quiet second song, I went outside feels very present. The song is about accepting you do mistakes, that you are not perfect. Again, it is the blending of Margret’s voice and the atmospheric folk instrumental background which is creating a beautiful setting.

4. Two scars

Two scars is hiding a bit in the context of these four songs. Musically, it feels rather similar to the title song. However, it comes with many breaks and almost completely quiet moment. That does create some intensity, but I feel that the style of the Icelandic lady works out much better in the other three songs.


Arny Margret – dinner alone – Spotify

Here is dinner alone on Spotify:


Arny Margret – dinner alone – My View

I really struggle with dinner alone. It does have nice songs, but two songs are already known, the two single releases are also significantly longer and Two scars is the weak spoit in this set of two. The EP just does not as much value as they only talk about the weather or intertwined did. I can’t treat her as a newbie any more, where I more likely accept these things. That’s a shame.


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