Joe Leila – Breathing EP

Joe Leila - Breathing



4.5/5 Pros

  • Characteristic sound
  • Speedy, entertaining set of songs

Schrobenhausen North of Munich is typically known for as one of the German centers of asparagus farming. The city is even hosting the European Asparagus Museum. However, in the mid-2000’s, Schrobenhausen has also been home of a very promising band, Joe Leila. 17 years after their last album release, the band came back with a new song, which finally lead towards their comeback EP Breathing. Here is my review of the six songs published as a set of 29th September 2023.


Joe Leila – About The Artists

Joe Leila had a rather rapid career. Founded in 2004, they soon had a radio hit, when they covered the classic My Sharona. The song is also one of the core tracks of the only album of the band so far, Black Dog White Gold (2005). One year later, the German band added the EP All She Wants, which also closed the band’s history until recent times, when they came back on stage. The band members are Bob Haßfurter (vocals, guitar), Basti Soier (guitar) and Franz Raßhofer (drums). For the Breathing EP, they also added bassist Gerhard Zimmermann. The sound is the same as two decades ago – a snotty mixture of rock, alternative and punk.


Joe Leila – Breathing – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 21 minutes.

1. Take A Ride

The EP opens with Take A Ride, which has also been the first single release. Some parts of the vocals sound like Placebo’s lead Brian Molko to me, but then Bob Haßfurter turns into a more rocking, more punk style. Very nice opener with good work on the guitar side.

2. D-Day

The second song D-Day beautifully illustrates the wide range of rock styles, which finally define the sound of Joe Leila. These four minutes are pure rock’n’roll with a punk heartbeat. Great one.

3. Old School

That’s indeed a song title which describes the sound of Joe Leila best – they do a great, Old School type of rock. The guitars are driving the Bavarian band, the drums march forward fast and steady. Very nice.

4. Home Again

In the shorter song Home Again, the vocals emancipate stronger from the instrumental part. This sounds more cheeky, more modern. The chorus reminds me of songs by Blink-182. Despite the song is less than three minutes long, there is still time for an extensive guitar-only part.

5. Breathing

Breahte in, breathe out, control your brain – Joe Leila definitely control us while listening. Breathing is a bit of slower and introduces a blues-style cool and laid back groove. On the other hand, the chorus invites you to sing with the band. Cheers guys, that’s another nice one.

6. Round And Round

Unfortunately, the Joe Leila is already over. The Bavarians add a fast snotty rocker with a catchy melody. A nice finale.


Joe Leila – Breathing – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Joe Leila – Breathing – My View

These six songs are definitely fun. Despite the band’s age, they sound young and fresh and cheeky. Unfortunately, they just share six songs with us – but these ones are very energizing. I love Joe Leila’s comeback EP.

Favorite Song: D-Day


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