Milow – Great To Know You EP

Milow - Great To Know You



4.7/5 Pros

  • Six beautiful songs
  • Very strong messages, despite rather quiet and narrow arrangements

Six new songs by Milow: less than a year after the Belgian artists released the album Nice to Meet You in 2022, he is releasing a six track EP. On 31st March 2023, fans were able to start listening to Great To Know. It is accompanied by a documentary about Milow and the relation to his fans, which will be released four days thereafter. I had a listen to the musical part.


Milow – About the Artist

Milow – or Jonathan Ivo Gilles Vandenbroeck – is an artist from Antwerp, Belgium. While his career worked out well in the Dutch-speaking part of Flanders, it took a bit longer for him to be successful in the Southern French-speaking part of the country and in all over Europe. The 2011 album North and South has been his international breakthrough. There is more bio in the Nice to Meet You review.


Milow – Great To Know You – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 22 minutes.

1. Never Too Late

A girl and her man, they werе wishing for a baby
They wept when thеy found out it was gonna be twins
A week before the due date, it hit them like an earthquake
Parents aren’t supposed to bury their kids

This EP is opening with a massive song. Never Too Late is as dark and sad as it can be. 2.32 minutes full of death and dramatic situations. Even though the final message When hope’s gone, just leave a light on // Never surrender, it’s never too late is some sort of positive.

2. Christina’s Eyes

Christina’s Eyes has been inspired by NASA astronaut Christina Hammock Koch, who stayed in space for 328 days and thus holds the world record for a female space traveler. How wonderful the world would be, if we could see through Christina’s eyes. Beautiful lyrics video to a beautiful song as well, by the way.

3. Yumi Rae

The two single releases are followed by four new songs. Yumi Rae is the first of them. The song is driven by piano and acoustic guitar and thus continues with the folk-pop spirit of the EP.

4. Dispatch From a New World

The theme of traveling to space and other worlds is a key metaphor in this EP. The almost four minute fourth track is thereby having a beautiful ballad-esque character. We have to aim much higher, I don’t care if I get fired. We gonna talk a little less and listen more. Lovely, very atmospheric song.

5. UFO

The world is full of magic, wild and unknown. In the fifth song, Milow is traveling back to childhood days and childhood memories. It praises being fascinated by all the things happening outside. Lovely listen, which works towards a rather intense and energetic finale.

6. Oscar (Extended Version)

Oscar already closed the Nice To Meet You album. Now, an extended version is also the beautiful and gentle farewell from Great To Know You. A beautiful way to create a link between these releases. 5:22 minutes beautiful folk tunes. Beautiful instrumental coda with saxophone and other instruments, transforming the track into a poprock finale.



Milow – Great To Know You – Spotify

Here is Great To Know You on Spotify:


Milow – Great To Know You – My View

Great To Know You is gentle, but also dramatic. It feels fragile and sensitive, but delivers some very strong messages. This lovely balance turns the EP to a very intense, but also very pleasing listen. Thumbs up for the Belgian artist – this one is definitely a Top Pick!. about Belgium

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