Poppy Fardell – Back On My Feet

Poppy Fardell - Back On My Feet



4.3/5 Pros

  • Lovely voice
  • Very nice, wide range of songs

I haven’t featured too many country music releases from the United Kingdom during the last weeks and months. In general, I feel that the local scene became less innovative in regards of long play releases. However, there are some exciting artists on the rise. One of them is definitely Poppy Fardell. On 9th December 2022, she released Back On My Feet.


Poppy Fardell – About The Artist

Unfortunately, the bio information Poppy Fardell is releasing about herself is rather sparse. She stepped into the British country music scene, when she released her debut single Hayley in 2019. In 2021, she released her debut EP Better StartBack On My Feet is Fardell’s debut album.


Poppy Fardell – Back On My Feet – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 37 minutes: Significantly more songs than the videos below suggest have been released already. However, I cannot videos to them.

1. All Over Again

The album opens with the lighthearted and easy All Over Again. The song is just nicely made to open into Poppy’s debut album. You listen with a smile.

2. Double Denim

Double Denim is one of the best tracks of the album to me. The song feels very mature, Fardell’s voice is also very present in this song. Last, but not least, the chorus has a nice vibe and stays in your mind. Very nice songwriting.

3. Hometown Hero

Hometown Hero has been a release in 2020 already. If you concentrate on Spotify streams, the song is Fardell’s most successful song so far. The slow track nicely focuses on the artist’s voice – which feels much more fragile and gentle than in the powerful predecessor.

4. Good Girl

The key strength of Back On My Feet is the wide range of songs. And that Poppy Fardell seems to be able to perform them all. Straight country pop-songs with an international touch like Good Girl feel to suit her as well as the rather quiet moments of the album. Nice.

5. Beer Budget

Beer Budget is maybe not the party-crusher, which making beer flow on Nashville’s Broadway, but it’s got a touch of it in the chorus. The song is much deeper than just using it for a cold sip. Regarding Fardell’s vocal performance, this is my favorite listen on her debut album.

6. Drive (feat. Tim Prottey-Jones)

Whenever Tim Prottey-Jones steps into the British country music scene, I have a good feeling without having heard a single note. Such a talented artist and songwriter. Here, he is going for a duet with Poppy and the album is reaching its emotional climax. Beautiful arrangement, great ballad.

7. Little Girl

So if I ever have a little, I tell her what I wish I learned – that phrase in the pre-chorus perfectly describes the topic of the song. Poppy Fardell strongly reminds me of Carly Pearce in the verses of that track. The song is another beauty in this set of songs.

8. Getaway Car

Getaway Car is a slower to mid-tempo song as well, but comes with a nice groove and comparably present steel guitar support. The song feels to be a great choice to present this artist to the North American music scene.

9. Dear You

This four minute listen is another emotional highlight of the album. The range of notes in this ballad is amazing and leads to a very present listen. If you have a country music romantic playlist, this one is a hot choice for it.

10. Background Picture

Background Picture closes the album with a rocking, faster tune. I feel that this is a perfect choice as it again underlines the versatility of this artist. Well done.


Poppy Fardell – Back On My Feet – Spotify

Here is Back On My Feet on Spotify:


Poppy Fardell – Back On My Feet – My View

The first time I listened to Back On My Feet, I feel it is rather good average. But the more I listened to the details, the more this young lady made me smile. I love the wide range of songs and the way she is giving them a special touch with her voice. Very, very nice one from Great Britain.


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