Carly Pearce – Hummingbird

Carly Pearce - Hummingbird



4.8/5 Pros

  • Very personal and intimate album
  • Quite many deep and personal songs
  • ... but also a nice balance to dance with Carly as well

Carly Pearce will always be a very special artist for me. As she opened a festival in Lexington, Kentucky, a few years ago, she is in fact the first country artist I ever saw on stage. The cute young local artist over time turned into one of the biggest name in the female country music business. On 7th June 2024, she released her fourth studio album overall, Hummingbird. I definitely had to have a listen to it.


Carly Pearce – About The Artist

The birth name of Carly Pearce is Carly Cristyne Slusser. She was born in Taylor Mill, Kentucky, on 24th April 1990. Pearce is her grandfather’s last name. Her grandparents were are a key inspiration bringing her to country music. A first big step becoming a professional artist was when she successfully auditioned for the Country Crossroads program by the Dollywood theme park. At the age of 19, she moved to Nashville. It took her some eight years to have her solo breakthrough. In 2017, her single Every Little Thing topped the US Country Airport and Canadian Country Charts and turned into a platinum record in both countries. The equivalently named album, which peaked fourth in the US Country Album Charts, also featured the successful single Hide The Wine.

Carly’s career grew steadily and she became more and more appreciated, also abroad. Her later albums were the 2020 Carly Pearce and the 2021 29, Written in Stone, an extended publication of the previously released EP 29. In 2021, Carly was inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Two years laters, she won her first Grammy Award as the best Country Duo/Group Performance for Never Wanted To Be That Girl, recorded with Ashley McBryde.


Carly Pearce – Hummingbird – Track by Track

The 14 track album lasts 48 minutes.

1. Country Music Made Me Do It

Country music made me do it
And I’ll do it till I die

Hummingbird opens with Country Music Made Me Do It. The song is somehow the motto of the album as well, which is coming with a very straight country music touch. It makes the album kick off in a lovely atmosphere.

2. Truck On Fire

The second track Truck On Fire is rather energetic. The uptempo song comes with nice vibes and a strong rhythm. On the other other hand, the key phrase of the chorus, Liar, Liar, Truck On Fire has a nice ease and reminds of a nursery rhyme. Fun listen.

3. Still Blue

Still Blue is slowing down the pace of the album again. Again, the song is using a rather traditional country music setup, but it does not feel outdated at all. And then, there is the nice groove in it, which makes it to a nice choice for a country music party. Feels like a lot of fun!

4. Heels Over Head

The fourth track is another song on the album, which has been used for the promotion campaign towards hummingbird. Carly Pearce just gives you an easy time getting into her songs and stories. The fourth one with a nice pop touch and a lovely flowing melody is a nice example.

5. We Don’t Fight Anymore (feat. Chris Stapleton)

This duet with Chris Stapleton has been the first single of the album released. Not just due to the very prominent guest artist, the song has been a great success since its release in June 2024. We Don’t Fight Anymore is just a beautiful, very emotional ballad. Lovely track!

6. Rock Paper Scissors

The nursery rhyme touch from Truck on Fire feels to continue with Rock Paper Scissors – at least if you focus on the title. The song is very powerful and fast, even a bit of angry. It is also a nice song to dance along with Carly’s music. But be aware: you must stand the quick steps, the song is rather fast.

7. Oklahoma

The seventh song Oklahoma is opening with some slow string tunes. The rather slow country ballad comes with a very personal and intimate touch. Carly’s soft voice feels just like the perfect match for this one.

8. My Place

Hummingbird is having its most emotional part around here. After the ballad Oklahoma, the album continues presenting slower and emotional songs. The eighth track overall is My Place, which Carly shared as a single in early April 2024. Another really beautiful and touching listen.

It ain’t my place
To question if there’s someone fillin’ my space
Ain’t my business tryin’ a picture 4 by 6’s with her in ’em
If she does things that I didn’t
Wonderin’ what the hell I’m wonderin’ for
It ain’t my place ’cause it ain’t my place anymore

9. Things I Don’t Chase

As Things I Don’t Chase is another slow and emotional track, the album gives you more than ten minutes of touching and intense moments in a row. The high, fragile voice of Pearce compared with limited backing instruments and fiddle tunes works beautifully.

10. Woman To Woman

Woman To Woman is a very rhythmic song in the mid-tempo range. It is not absolutely forceful, but has a nice, confident touch. Slightly rocking moments share with some more quiet episodes. This character makes this song special.

11. Fault Line

The eleventh song Fault Line comes with very traditional country music vibes. Similar to some of the tracks at the beginning of Hummingbird, this really works out nicely. Good song.

12. Pretty Please

With 4:07 minutes duration, Pretty Please is the one of the longest songs on Hummingbird. The song deals with relationship troubles. So tell me I’m pretty please is the closing sentence of the chorus – who wouldn’t have a different opinion on this amazing person?

13. Trust Issues

The title already suggests that the topic of the song is dealing with similar issues. Trust Issues is a song, which remind me of the slower songs Carly released at the beginning of her career. I loved those. And I love this one.

14. Hummingbird

The title track is closing the album. A very personal and intimate album is closing with one of the best songs in that regard. With Hummingbird at the end, the album just seems to have the perfect plot.

Ooh, when the rain gets poured
The river don’t run to an old love’s door
Ooh, and the train don’t stop
‘Cause the tracks get tired of the way it talks
Sun don’t burn down the whole damn sky
Just ’cause the moon ain’t on its side
Ooh, and the hummingbird flies on by
‘Cause it hates goodbye, and so do I


Carly Pearce – Hummingbird – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Carly Pearce – Hummingbird – My View

Carly Pearce is doing the kind of music she is simply doing best. Hummingbird connects to the listener in a lovely way. Despite noticeably many rather slow songs, there is also plenty opportunity to dance with the Kentucky artist. She is a star – and this album is a gem.

Favorite Song: Pretty Please


Carly Pearce – Hummingbird Tour 2025

So glad that Carly Pearce is back in Europe in early 2025. Here are the tour dates. The German tour is presented by Sound of Nashville:

Su 09.02.2925 Stockholm (Sweden) – Berns
Mo 10.02.2025 Oslo (Norway) – Rockefeller Music Hall
We 12.02.2025 Copenhagen (Denmark) – Vega
Th 13.02.2025 Hamburg (Germany) – Gruenspan
Fr 14.02.2025 Munich – Backstage Werk
Mo 17.02.2025 Cologne – Die Kantine
Tu 18.02.2025 Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Melkweg
Th 20.02.2025 London (United Kingdom) – O2 Shepherds Bush Empire
Fr 21.02.2025 Bristol – O2 Academy
Sa 22.02.2025 Birmingham – O2 Institute
Mo 24.02.2025 Manchester – Albert Hall
Tu 25.02.2025 Glasgow – Barrowland
We 26.02.2025 Belfast – Limelight
Fr 28.02.2025 Dublin (Ireland) – Academy


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