Songs Of The Week (week of 15 April 2022)

I was quite amazed that not only Christmas, but also Easter feels to have an impact on the volume of releases. In fact, I had quite a nice list of albums this week, but the level of single releases and the candidates for the country music selections has been significantly lower. Still, some really good releases – especially from Germany and surrounding countries.


Schandmaul feat. Saltatio Mortis & Feuerschwanz – Königsgarde

This week, I opted to go for the German medieval folk rock band Schandmaul and their Königsgarde to lead the list of songs. Great, powerful song with a superb chorus.


Giovanni Zarrella – Un Angelo

I just love Giovanni Zarella. I ran into him pre-Covid-19 a couple of times in Cologne – a really friendly guy (and his family is doing excellent catering…). Due to his own show in German TV, he is now able to perfectly promote his own music. The Italian artists is covering nobody but Robbie Williams in this track. I feel he does it really well.


Bausa – Frühling im Viertel

Bausa is typically known as a German rapper from Saarbruecken. This track is not rap at all. And: it is absolutely beautiful, ain’t it?


AVEC – Nothing To Me

Would you guess that this track is from Austria? I feel that Nothing To Me feels so mature, so well produced. Nice songwriting, catching song – and a signature voice. Love it!


Malou – Burnout

Malou is a pop singer-songwriter from Hamburg. One of previous releases, Breathing, has been streamed 26 million times. Burnout illustrates why all these people just cannot be wrong.


Dylan Fraser – Apartment Complex on The Eastside

Dylan Fraser is working towards his third EP release, 2030 Revolution. Before that June release, this is the first “appetizer” to the new songs by the Scottish artist.


Halby – Corner

Amazing soft blues rock from Kaiserslautern, Germany. A central sentence of Corner is Craziness is holy – one of the key quotes of Conny Plank, one of the key developers of German pop music cultures.


The Interrupters – In The Mirror

Doesn’t that lady sound like No Doubt, like Gwen Stefani? I did not know The Interrupters before, despite they are already quite successful. By the way, the ska rock band comes from Greater Los Angeles, just like the band I am thinking of when I listen to In The Mirror. An excellent song.


Grey Attack – My Last Dance

Grey Attack are a German band from AachenMy Last Dance is a great song, somewhere between straight rock and metal elements. Great one!


Losing Gravity feat. Timmy Rough – Living in Riddles

The press kits about this single release states “American Rock’n’Roll meets Frankfurt Rock City”. Losing Gravity has been founded by Frankfurt artit Julian Lapp and Texas origin Chase Wilborn. Sounds like a perfect mash-up for good songs, doesn’t it?



Die Draufgänger feat. Stefan Rauch – Landjugend (Baby, I bin von der…)

Die Draufgänger are a brass pop band from Styria, Southwest of Graz in Austria. I just love some of the covers they do. In this song, they praise the Landjugend, an Austrian organization for rural areas young people.


Title Picture: Schandmaul – Knüppel aus dem Sack album cover


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