Brandi Carlile – In These Silent Days

Brandi Carlile - In These Silent Days



4.3/5 Pros

  • Very versatile, precise songwriting
  • Ten good songs

New songs by Brandi Carlile: In These Silent Days is her most recent album, which she released on 1st October 2021. Carlile is typically almost guaranteeing excellent songwriting. Thus, I was really looking forward to listen to her release. Here is my review of her seventh studio album.


Brandi Carlile – About The Artist

Brandi Marie Carlile was born on 1st June 1981 in Ravensdale, Washington. She definitely has an impressive career, which lead to eleven Grammy Award nominations. She grew up in her birthplace South of Seattle. In the early 2000’s, she more and more established in the localmusic scene. After having released some EPs and demos before, she debuted with a self-titled album in 2005, which made it to the Top 100 of the US charts. From there on, she steadily impreoved. Her fourth album, the 2012 Bear Creek, was the first one to top the US Folk Charts and to make it into the overall Top 10. She had multiple chart entries in genre single charts. Her most successful track is likely the title song of her 2007 album The Story, which also made it to the Top 50 of countries like Australia, Austria, Canada, Switzerland or Norway.


Brandi Carlile – In These Silent Days – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 38 minutes. Remarkably, only the opening track Right On Time has been released before 1st October 2021.

1. Right On Time

Carlile released the opener in July 2021. Piano sound, a touch of Celine Dion in this song. Great vocal performance and a lovely song. Later, guitars add quite some power to the song. Great composition and listen – the song spreads a lot of energy at the beginning of In These silent days. By the way, the song is obviously that good that Carlile released in four versions on her YouTube channel.

2. You And Me On The Rock

The second song comes with a very different sound: Americana sound in a very classic way. Again, Carlile impresses with a great performance on the microphone. Easy, happy sound melody. Love it.

3. This Time Tomorrow

This Time Tomorrow creates a quiet, intimate atmosphere again. The song is a lovely country ballad, which just does not need too much more than an acoustic guitar and Brandi’s voice. Magical moments can be so simple…

4. Broken Horses

Four songs, four very different styles of music. Broken Horses is a rather dark, very energetic Americana song with a lot of pop and power – and quite some time you need to listen to. The track comes with more than five very entertaining minutes. Great, wide range instrumentation.

5. Letter To The Past

Melodically, Letter To The Past reminds of Right On Time. A song which starts very quietly with the piano and Carlile on the microphone, but then more and more gets a wide sound with an increasing number of sounds and instruments. Carlile’s skills are just made to impress.

6. Mama Werewolf

Mama Werewolf is not the most impressing song of the album to me. However, I love how she is telling the story, how she is using metaphors. Somehow special.

7. When You’re Wrong

When You’re Wrong is the most intimate, direct song of the album. Generally, In These Silent Days comes with rare opportunities where the band can really be present and show her skills – but in this one, the here-and-there scrumming acoustic guitar chords rather feel too much already. Very focused songwriting.

8. Stay Gentle

There is even a touch of French chanson in In These Silent Days – the reason is Stay Gentle. The track is a beautiful 2:28 minute musical advice.

9. Sinners Saints And Fools

To me, this ninth song is the most special song of the album. No exceptions made – this song deals with strict interpretation of religious and social rules. Especially during the finale of the song, it has a very energetic rocking sound and has some powerful electric guitar riffs. Great statement.

10. Throwing Good After Bad

The piano coda at the end of the album. A gentle finish. Nice way to do close this set of ten tracks.


Brandi Carlile – In These Silent Days – Spotify

Here is In These Silent Days on Spotify:



Brandi Carlile – In These Silent Days – My View

In These Silent Days is a very direct, emotional album with a wide range of sounds. You might not enjoy the full album, but parts of the songs – there are even tracks for rock music fans. Carlile shows how precise she is in songwriting – and by that gives us a 38 minute musical travel. Very good!


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