The Nude Party – Rides On

The Nude Party - Rides On



4.0/5 Pros

  • High musical quality Cons

  • Just does not catch me too much

The third album by The Nude Party: on 10th March 2023, the US-American band releases Ride On. I already had a listen and share my thoughts about this thirteen song album with you.


The Nude Party – About The Artists

The Nude Party are a six-piece folk and indie rock band from North Carolina. They are active since 2012 and released two albums so far, The Nude Party (2018) and Midnight Manor (2020). The lead vocalist of the band is Patton Magee, who is also playing the guitar and harmonica. Other band members are Austin Brose (percussion), Alexander Castillo (bass), Shaun Couture (guitar), Don Merrill (piano) and Connor Mikita (drums). Especially some of their debut album tracks have rather high streaming volumes on Spotify.


The Nude Party – Rides On – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 48 minutes.

1. Word Gets Around

That’s rock’n’roll baby! The East Coast US-Americans start with a cool groove, which reminds of nostalgic tunes, but also feels that modern. The chorus adds folk music styles. Very groovy, cool sound.

2. Hard Times (All Around)

Hard Times (All Around) has been one of the single releases of the album already. Again, the band creates a really cool groove. This time, the band works with a their very rich instrumentation. Electronic guitars, organ/keys and the bass, they all contribute to this song in their own way. Nice.

3. Midnight on Lafayette Park

Listening to the vibes of Midnight On Lafayette Park, this song rather feels like an alternative country track to me. The steel guitar sounds and the strumming guitars add to that. The song does not catch me as much as the two ones before, but it has a nice touch.

4. Hey Monet

The fourth track Hey Monet makes me smile. The nostalgic sound is back. The song is based on a very remarkable sound. I especially enjoy the wide range of percussion The Nude Party is using in here.

5. Polly Anne

Polly Anne opens with the acoustic guitar and the harmonica. However, the song develops its very own sound, which is again very much controlled by the bass.

6. Cherry Red Boots

The sound of Cherry Red Boots reminds me of the 1970’s. There is a lot of reverb in the guitar sounds. Hard to describe, but the song has a nice touch.

7. Ride On

The title track of the album is one of the most catching listens of it. The groove could be the basis for a surf rock basis, but overall, the sound of track is a mixture of Americana and rock influences. Nice.

8. Tree of Love

If you want to dance to the Tree of Love, boots are mandatory. This song has such a clear traditional country music foundation, you just cannot do without. Nice listen.

9. Somebody Tryin’ to Hoodoo Me

Regarding the storytelling, this ninth song is one of my favorites. The abnd also does a great job in balancing the lyrics with the instrumentation. Nice one.

10. Tell Em

Oooh, tell ’em the truth
Tell ’em on the good times
Tell ’em on the bad times, too.

The tenth song initially felt like a folk song to me, but especially the second half of Tell ‘Em experiments with different instrumental sounds and thus again profits from the wide range of sounds this band can produce.

11. Stately Prison Cell

The trip to the Stately Prison Cell feels to be as dark in its sound as you would expect it to be. My, my, all the hours fly – and the years all pass you by alone. One of my favorite listens of Rides On – the band just creates an amazing atmosphere.

12. Sold out of Love

This single release comes with great vibes and a lovely storytelling again. The bass and the keys are the key instruments in here.

13. Red Rocket Ride

Before it is time to say goodbye to The Nude Party and their 2023 album, they take us on a Red Rocket Ride. Not a fast rocking power track, but the complete difference: a bit of melancholic, with harmonica sounds. Nice Americana sound to close this storybook. And the rocket is finally appearing as well – don’t want to spoliler too much.


The Nude Party – Rides On – Spotify

Here is Rides On on Spotify:


The Nude Party – Rides On – My View

First of all, I like the musical quality The Nude Party and Rides On are showing. Unfortunately, some of the songs don’t catch me. I am sorry… Other tracks work really great for me. But overall, that’s just enough for a good, not an excellent rating.


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