Wade Bowen – Where Phones Don’t Work EP

Wade Bowen - Where Phones Don't Work



4.3/5 Pros

  • Six really good songs
  • Nice range of tracks Cons

  • Some songs are (too?) similar

After having a review of his Cologne concert in August 2019 and reviewing his collaboration with Randy Rogers, Hold My Beer, Vol. 2, Wade Bowen is back in review focus of This time, it is a solo release called Where Phones Don’t Work. The EP is available since 19th November 2021.


Wade Bowen – About The Artist

There is some bio about Wade Bowen in the concert review and the album review linked above. Thus, I will not give too much bio information about the country music artist, who is already as a solo artist active since 2002.


Wade Bowen – Where Phones Don’t Work – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 22 minutes.

1. Phones Don’t Work

She can’t call me and I can’t call her // Yeah, I don’t care anywhere phones don’t work. The album starts with a beautiful song, which is so much country music, but still not that stereotype. Good lyrics, good melody lead to a really good listen.

2. Where We Call Home

The EP is praising home and feeling home (and it includes a lot of love…) – so that this song feels to be the perfect fit right after the opener and title track. The songs feel a bit of similar, also in regard of the melodic setup. The lyrics are very different, though. Enjoyable, even though I simply love the opener more.

3. The Last Town In Texas

The longest song on the album also comes with a slower tempo. Before you are reaching the last town in Texas // I hope you turn around and come back home to me. Lovely song with a rather acoustic setup, which works perfectly.

4. When Love Comes Around

The EP contains quite a lot of new material for Wade Bowen fans – only this song, When Love Comes Around, has been released as a pre-listen of the six song set. The song has a slight folk music touch, which leads to a very special character. Love it.

5. Trouble Is

Trouble Is is a lovely slow song, in which Wade Bowen is accompanied by a female background singer. Lovely ballad, which feels very deep and straight. Nice melodic setup as well. The song simply stays in your mind.

6. Be You

A lot of emotional songs in this set of six songs – thus, it is not that surprising that Wade Bowen closes the album with this country music beauty. Be Love – Be You are the last words of the set of new songs. Could there be any better message.


Wade Bowen – Where Phones Don’t Work – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Wade Bowen – Where Phones Don’t Work – My View

Well done, Wade Bowen. The EP is indeed a great listen, a praise to country life without feeling to thin. I really loved to listen to these six ones. Top Pick! well deserved.


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