Silent Knight – Full Force

Silent Knight - Full Force



4.5/5 Pros

  • Very entertaining power metal
  • Very good instrumental work

The album is called Full Force – what a suitable name for a power metal release. It is the first full and album since seven years released by the Australian band Silent Knight. I already had a listen and share my thoughts with you. Release date of the album will be 23rd September 2022.


Silent Knight – About The Artists

Silent Knight are active since 2009. It took the band from Perth some four years to release their first album Masterplan. In 2015, the band added Conquer & Command and closed their list of albums released so far two years later, when The Masterplan was a re-recording of their debut. In the meantime, Silent Knight also released two EPsPower Metal Supreme (2014) and The Angel Reborn (2017). Dan Brittain is the lead singer of the band since 2020. Stu McGill plays the guitar and does backing vocals. The lead guitarist is Cam Nicholas, Cameron Daw is the bassist and Dan Grainger the drummer of the band.


Silent Knight – Full Force – Track by Track

The eight song album lasts 43 minutes.

1. Blood In The Water

Here we go – Blood In The Water is opening the 2022 Silent Knight seasaon. The guitars start howling in the intro part of the song already. Powerful guitar and drum sections as well – the first minute of their 2022 moves the power metal heart right into the center of the comfort zone. Dan Brittain feels to warm up a bit in the first verses but with the chorus latest, the lead singer is joining the high quality of the song. Love it!

2. Full Force

The title track is the longest song on the album – nonetheless, Dan Grainger puts the drum-o-meter to the maximum from the very first second of this 6:21 minute epic. Nice work between the two vocalists in the verses. And even though the chorus feels a bit of similar to Blood In The Water, I just love it. Who could dislike lyrics like these ones?

Like crushing steel, on wings of war,
I’ll bring deliverance to your door,
Metal is my power source,
I’m coming at full force.

3. The Last Candle Burns

Okay, this candle does not need a lighter to burn. The Austrialians do a power metal firework in the third song, changing between massive rhythm instrumental parts to beautiful melodic parts. Great chorus and lovely instrumental work.

4. Dark & Mysterious Times

There just seems to be limited space for Dark & Mysterious Times in the world of Silent Knight. At least that’s my explanation why the fourth track is – significantly – the shortest listen of the album. Maybe, it’s also just because the band is starting with the metal power quite quickly. The instrumental parts feel very good, the chorus is a nice catch and already feels familiar. Nice one.

5. Screaming Eagle

At the Screaming Eagles, the band is presenting their fast, powerful, straight forward metal signature again. Great feature that the Screaming Eagle in fact feels to “scream” in the chorus. Fun, fast track.

6. Into Oblivion

The sixth track is one of the finest of the album. Nice changes between melodic and very rocking and “metallic” parts. The pre-chorus is a beauty to sing-along for rather melodic metal fans. Great one.

7. Awakening

Awakening is the weakest spot of the album to me. The album comes with some nice guitar riff lines, but overall, it does not manage to be as catchy as the other songs of the album. Nice one, but not more.

8. Create A New World

Silent Knight Create A New World in the last five minutes of Full Force. A nice finale with impressive melodic parts. Thanks Australia!


Silent Knight – Full Force – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Silent Knight – Full Force – My View

Sometimes, you just need to take a seven year break. The down under guys do an excellent eight song listen with smashing melodies and sufficient opportunity to go for some real fun at a live show. Really nice way to start into the power metal fall of 2022. Top Pick!


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