Uncle Lucius – Like It’s The Last One Left

Uncle Lucius - Like It's The Last One Left



4.3/5 Pros

  • Very versatile Ameircana-rock album
  • Good songs

The press kit to Like It’s The Last One Left starts with the words Second chances are rare in rock ‘n’ roll. This already tells that the band publishing the album, Uncle Lucius, went through a band history with ups and downs. On 8th December 2023, they are in an “up” period again, releasing their new album. I had a listen.


Uncle Lucius – About The Artists

Like It’s The Last One Left is the first album of Uncle Lucius since five years. They are a rock’n’roll band with country music influences from Austin, where they have been founded in 2005. The most prominent band member is singer and guitarist Kevin Galloway. From 2006 to 2015, they released four albums. In 2018, they even had a farewell tour, which now turned into a hiatus. In the meantime, Galloway released a solo album, which has been produced by his bandmate Hal Vorpahl and also features Jon Grossman as a keyboarder.


Uncle Lucius – Like It’s The Last One Left – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 36 minutes.

1. Keep Singing Along

Uncle Lucius has already shared three of their 2023 songs with their fans – and these one are also opening the album. Keep Singing Along is a blues rock song, which is also layered with spherical sounds. I would rather listen to the song without them.

2. Civilized Anxiety

The second song of the album is Civilized Anxiety. The song feels rough, like pure rock’n’roll. However, it also comes with the blues-ish groove of the opener. The band jjust returned from a tour (they also will do a New Year’s Eve show in Texas). I guess that this track lead to a lot of fun.

3. All The Angelenos

So far, you could not really feel the country music influence to the music of Uncle Lucius. All The Angelenos is changing that. All The Angelenos, they’re moving down to Texas. A nice way to praise the current situation in Austin – with a sense of humor.

4. I’m Happy

The first four songs already show a really wide range of sounds. I’m Happy is a slower track in a laid back, groovy Tex-Mex style. The repetitive style of the song stays in your mind. I also love the melodic work Uncle Lucius uses to add vibes to the rather monotonous vocals. Very good listen.

5. Tuscaloosa Rain

For this song, Uncle Lucius added quite a lot of musicians – and this leads to an amazingly wide and beautiful sound. Kevin Galloway is supported by the vocal duo US, the instrumental section gets boosted by the Tosca String Quartet. The result is an intense, hymnic listen. Impressing one.

6. Love In Kind

I would describe Love In Kind as a ballad with country vibes. In the context of the album, the track feels a bit of hidden to me – which is really a shame, the song is a good one.

7. Holy Roller

Holly Roller is another song supported the duo US. The song comes with a very different character than Tuscaloosa Rain, though. This seventh song comes with rock and blues vibes, intense guitar play, nice grooves. With almost five minutes, the song is the longest track of the album – but it does not feel tiring at all.

8. Draw The Line

Draw The Line is a 82 second instrumental interlude. The song has some nice, almost kitschy style majorly driven by guitar sounds.

9. Trace My Soul

Trace My Soul starts very energetic. The Americana rocker, however, also comes with some rather quiet moments. Nonetheless, the melody is catching, the listen is intense. Very nice one.

10. Heart Over Mind

The albums closes slow and emotional with a touch of kitsch. A gently swaying melody, some additional atmosphere by the backing strings – and Galloway is also singing in his most gentle way. This one is a great one for your wintertime-under-the-warm-blanket soundtrack.


Uncle Lucius – Like It’s The Last One Left – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Uncle Lucius – Like It’s The Last One Left – My View

I feel that this comeback is definitely worth it. Like It’s The Last One Left is a very versatile album, which illustrates the vast talent in Uncle Lucius. From dirty rockers to gentle moments, you will find a song you enjoy in here.

Favorite Song: Trace My Soul


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