Paul Cauthen – Country Coming Down

Paul Cauthen - Country Coming Down



4.1/5 Pros

  • Well written stories
  • Very versatile album, not too close to traditional country

The weekend of 1st April 2022 has been a really busy one for me. There have been a couple of really interesting music releases on April’s Fool Day. Also due to some other obligations, it took me quite a while to at least prepare some of them. One very interesting one is definitely Country Coming Down by Paul Cauthen. The release is his third studio album.


Paul Cauthen – About The Artist

Paul Cauthen is a singer-songwriter from East Texas. He was born in the city of Tyler in the mid-1980’s. He grew up in a strictly religious household. He did his first major steps into music around 2009, when he ran into David Beck and founded the Americana/folk duo Sons of Fathers. They released two albums and an EP. In 2016, Cauthen had his first single album release. My Gospel went up to the 50th spot in the US Country Charts. Two years later, he released the EP Have Mercy. His last album release so far was the 2019 Room 41, which went up to the second spot in the US Heat Charts.


Paul Cauthen – Country Coming Down – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 33 minutes.

1. Country as Fuck

Not only the title suggests: this listen is gonna be special… Or just cool as fuck 😉 The song has a typical country vibe, but is also rocking, has the ease of a pop song and the verses feel to be a hip hop track from the deepest ghettos of Nashville.

I am country as fuck
And make my own definition
Starting a new religion
Beat the system

Love it!

2. Caught Me at a Good Time

Caught Me at a Good Time has more melodic and less spoken word verses, but it is still having this laid back, groovy style of the opening track. A really nice way to interpret country music. Love it.

3. High Heels

A guy singing about High Heels is always a song with high potential. A very melodic, flowing. Put ’em in high heels // we’re going out tonight. This song is suggesting to be a good soundtrack for that kind of country music party.

4. Country Clubbin’

There is hardly a song which does not make me smile. Either the lyrics are so weird – or the melodic side is just too special. You just should not miss the ironic touch of Country Clubbin’, one of the most entertaining songs of the album. Music with a very dark sense of humor. Just have to love it.

5. Champagne & a Limo

The organ backing chords are not the only parts of the song, which turns Champage & a Limo into a very special song. Very own sound, which is also using the harmonica, synth sounds and cool bass grooves. Paul Cauthen did not put too much into this track – just the instrumental effort which was absolutely necessary. The result is lovely.

6. Fuck You Money

As the Explicit Lyrics will be nailed text to the album title after the opener anyway, Paul Cauthen is free to use language which is understood by any listener. The song is having a strong electric guitar texture. Nice for country / Americana fans as well as classic rock lovers.

7.Cut a Rug

In casr you are not a native speaker: cutting a rug means that you are a passionate dancer. The song is nicely driven by the guitar of the track. However, this seventh song feels less energetic to me.

8. Till the Day I Die

Till the Day I die is opening the section of highly emotional songs. A beautiful musical swear of love. .

9. Roll on Over

Roll on Over is the main ballad of the album. After all these entertaining and deep songs, it’s just not too surprising that Paul Cauthen is not too bad at all in these ones as well. Nice style.

10. Country Coming Down

In several songs on this album, Cauthen is rather aiming for the edges of country music. The more, it is remarkable that his final track is coming with a rather traditional sound.  Cauthen describes being in a lonely hut, far away friom the everyday life situation. Beautiful lyrics. .


Paul Cauthen – Country Coming Down – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Paul Cauthen – Country Coming Down – My View

Starting with the very special Country as Fuck, Paul Cauthen really compiled a really nice set of songs for his 2022 release. The songs feel very straight, you just may be surprised by something hilarious in the next second… A good one to me!


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