Leah Blevins – First Time Feeling

Leah Blevins - First Time Feeling



3.4/5 Pros

  • Very talented artist with a characteristic voice
  • Great lyrics Cons

  • Too many songs are similar, which makes the album feel monotonous

Leah Blevins is doing country music with a touch of folk. On 6th August 2021, the Kentucky-origin artist is releasing her debut album named First Time Feeling. I already had a listen – here are my thoughts.


Leah Blevins – About The Artist

Leah Blevins grew up in Sandy Hook, a small town in West Kentucky. There is a strong gospel background in her family – so that she first learned to play the guitar and the piano and later moved to Nashville to be in the heart of the country music scene. Her first major release was the EP Walk Home, which already lead to quite positive feedback. From then on, Blevins started to aim for a long-play release.


Leah Blevins – First Time Feeling – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 35 minutes.

1. Afraid

Afraid creates a very own Leah Blevins sound, which is hard to describe in genres. There is a touch of a lot of styles in there. Thus, it is one of the most remarkable songs of the album.

2. Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster, one of the single releases of First Time Feelings feels much stronger like country and folk than the opening track. The rhythm of the track is one of the core drivers of the song – you feel to move even though the track is rather thoughtful and the vocals are at most mid-tempo.

3. First Time Feeling

Kiss me like you don’t know all my secrets
Touch my body like you’ve never seen it
Hold me close and love me like you mean it
Take me back to that first time feeling

The third song is the title track of the album. The most melodic song on the album so far. This songs is a really nice country song with a powerful vibe and a very dominant melody. Good listen!

4. Little Birds

After the quite catchy title track, the quiet beginning of Little Bird almost feels shy. The song keeps on being rather fragile, even though there is an crescendo in the volume over the whole playtime. One of the most beautiful songs of the album to me.

Oh little bird take me home
Cause I still love you after all that I know
You told me your secret
All your dirty little secrets
You’re just what I want

5. Fossil

Fossil connects to the composition of the tracks before: country-alike melodies with rather limited instrumentation, but a rather present, almost dominant rhythm. In this song, the rhythm is sometimes even a bit of bothering to me, as it distracts me from listening to the vocals.

6. Magnolias

Especially in this part of the album, the sound of First Time Feeling feels a bit monotonous. Leah Blevins can rely on her great lyrics and stories, but there is not that much new in Magnolias compared to the songs before. At least, towards the end of the song, there is some more energy.

7. Clutter

After so many rather slow sounds, I was hoping for a rather uplifting song. Leah Blevins just did not know about my wishes when she compiled my album – and I listen to an extra-slow and emotional Clutter instead. Especially the kitschy backing vocals remind me of the backing music of corny 1980’s love movies. It is a good song, great vocals, very intense. Clutter is likely even better than the songs before – but it is just too close to these tracks as well.

8. Believe

Believe at least comes with a really groove. The songwriting is amazing, again.

Well I’m goin’ through the motions
I’m an ocean of hope but
There’s somethin’ in that water
I am my mother’s daughter
Just like she had tried to figure
How to survive as the world got bigger
I’m holdin’ a gun and pullin’ that trigger
Goin’ from a child to a sinner
Who believes
I believe
There’s more than I can see

9. Mexican Restaurant

One of these unfortunate tracks. Mexican Restaurant comes with a nice plot and it is having dramatic and energetic moments. But if you start a song even slower and the instrumentation even more minimal than before, the guests might have left the cantina before the tacos are ready. There is a skip key for that.

10. Mountain

No, I won’t walk without you
Without you I am gone
I won’t walk without you
Without you I am gone

The album closes with a ballad. A song, which definitely feels to relate to Leah Blevins’ gospel background. The closing track in fact feels very nice.


Leah Blevins – First Time Feeling – Spotify

Here is Leah Blevins’s album on Spotify:



Leah Blevins – First Time Feeling – My View

I feel so sad. There is so much talent, so much skill in First Time Feeling – but the songs feel so similar. That leads to a monotonous listen experience. Even though the lyrics are good and tell interesting feelings and stories, it tires me too much. Bad luck this time – but I feel there is a lot of potential in this young lady with her characteristic voice.


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