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Frollein Motte - UWE



3.7/5 Pros

  • Very solid pop-rock album
  • Unique, characteristic sound

When I started listening to the album UWE of the German band Frollein Motte, I liked their cheeky and straight sound. You can guess the remaining story already – I decided to share some deeper thoughts about their release, which has been published on 18th November 2023.


Frollein Motte – About The Artists

Frollein Motte are naming their music Herzrock and Herzpop (“Heart Rock” and “Heart Pop”). The band has been founded in 2007 in Norderstedt. The duo consists of Motte Mottlau (guitar, vocals, bass) and Mandy Mottlau (vocals). They do live appearances as a duo, a trio or with a full band. UWE is their third album I found. The first one, Aus meiner Haut, has been released in 2018. However, the press kit states a total of seven albums, including previous band projects.


Frollein Motte – UWE – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Das Frollein

Hier kommt das Frollein (“Here comes the Miss”) is something like a self-introduction of Frollein Motte at the beginning of the album. Lush, straight and easy to grasp rock sound with a nice duet-alike vocal setting. Very catching opener.

2. Dein Kleid

Songs like Dein Kleid (“Your Dress”) nicely illustrate the style of Frollein Motte. The song has the ease of a pop track, a touch of rock. The vocal style as well as the lyrics rather feel like the 1980’s Neue Deutsche Welle genre with a touch of punk. Ich will Dein Kleid – ich bin zu allem bereit – “I want your dress, I am ready for anything”. I am definitely ready for that song.

3. Endlich

There are quite some songs about enjoying life on this album. Endlich comes with an uplifting character as well. The song is a solid, the chorus is having a very catching groove, though.

Ich will wieder raus gehen
Endlich wieder aufstehen
Und das Leben, das Leben
Wieder leben

(“I want to go out again,
Finally stand up
And live the life, the life

4. Das Fenster

Das Fenster (“The Window”) starts slow and a bit of melancholic, but then turns into a rather rather angry rocker. However, the song is an up and down in speed and rhythm. Together with the duration of over five minutes, the song definitely leaves a mark while listening.

5. Kompliziert

According to the song title, the fifth listen is “complicated”. However, I feel that the song is rather straight. The sound is a classic rocker with a straight and driving beat. The characteristic voice and singing style of Mandy Mottau turns the song into a rather special listen.

6. An so einem Tag

The sixth song comes with similar ingredients. Finally, Wo ist die Freiheit? (“Where is freedom”) is one of the key questions of the song, which is again driven by stomping, quick drums.

7. Hinter der Gardine

Many songs in here do come with a very emotional component – Hinter der Gardine (“Behind the curtain”) is one of the key tracks in this regard. Starting rather slow, the song grasps more and more energy and turns into one of the most dramatic and strongest messages of the whole album.

8. Am Ende meines Lebens

After the rather emotional song, this comes comes with fun and power. Ich werd’ mich nie ergeben, auch nicht am Ende meines Lebens (“I won’t surrender, even not at the end of my life”) is the key statement in here. One of the best songs for rock fans.

9. Fan

The second last track is more emotional again. The song is the only one which even comes with a touch of kitsch.

10. Ich glaube

The closing song has stronger guitar elements again, but Frollein Motte also present a rather melodic song. Thus, Ich glaube feels relatively pop-ish. Nice listen.


Frollein Motte – UWE – Spotify

Here is UWE on Spotify:


Frollein Motte – UWE – Track by Track

UWE is not good enough to grab a spot in the Best of lists of 2023. But I really enjoyed listening to the album. The sound is unique, the stories are good – and it is simply fun to listen to these guys from Norderstedt in Germany. They make me smile – and I appreciate it.

Favorite Song: Hinter der Gardine


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