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Randall King - Into The Neon



4.9/5 Pros

  • Very good and wide range of songs
  • 18 tracks
  • Great atmosphere

I really enjoyed the Randall King show in Cologne in September 2023. Now, Randall King is back on, being featured due to his new album release. The US-American artist is releasing his fourth album Into The Neon on 26th January 2024. I already had a listen.


Randall King – About The Artist

Randall King is a US-American country artist, who is originally from Hereford in Texas. In 2011, he released Old Dirt Road, which was still credited as Randall King Band. Further albums followed in 2018 and 2022. Apart from that, King had two EPs, dated as of 2016 and 2020. In 2022, Randall King had his debut at the Grand Ole Opry.


Randall King – Into The Neon – Track by Track

The 18 song album lasts 58 minutes.

1. One Night Dance

It’s always good to start listening to an album with a good feeling. Randall King definitely ensures that with this opener, One Night Dance. Rather classic country music ingredients, a nice groove – and the warm voice of King is adding comfort. A very nice listen.

2. Somewhere Over Us

Overall, Somewhere Over Us feels a bit more modern, the rhythm is also a bit more present in the second song, compared to the opener. Overall, the three minute track feels rather compact. On the melodic side, especially the steel guitar stays in your mind.

3. When My Baby’s In Boots

When My Baby’s In Boots has already been one of my favorites during the Cologne concert. The song also plays a strong role in the 18 track context of Into The Neon. Great modern country track.

4. What Doesn’t Kill You

The title reads a bit like phrase mongering. However, the song is not boring or stereotypical. Moreover, What Doesn’t Kill You has a lovely bass groove, which makes you move to the melody of the song. If you need a country song for a dance, Randall King is delivering you a great option with this one.

5. Hang Of Hanging On

The second single release of the album shows a very emotional side of Randall King. The beautiful country ballad is rather a song for the last tracks of the country music finale. If you play this song at that time, you definitely make sure that just a few people go back alone. Randall King is a country musician for the whole range of emotions, indeed.

I’m gettin’ the hang of hangin’ on to what I’m holding
Gettin’ used to you being who I wrap my arms around
As far as for heaven knows, you never know what it holds, but I know this
I’m gettin’ the hang of hangin’ on to what I’m holding

6. Burns Like Her

She’s a night in California
She’s a cigarette and I’m the vinyl seat
She’s blacktop I’m Arizona
Now I’m hitchhiking at high noon on bare feet
Says she’s bad for me but she ain’t
She kills me now she’s all I can drink

The next single release is also a song rather for the romantic moments. Apart from the lovely atmosphere of Burns Like Her, I really like the lyrics of this song. When he is stating Give me something that burns like her in the chorus, you simply long for the heat of love as well.

7. Good Feelin’

After these two ballads, Good Feelin’ is showing a very different vibe. The song feels very modern and is a great one to have a quick dance. Especially the forward-pushing verses work really good – the chorus is just the perfect topping on this song. I also love the very traditional instrumentation and the handmade style of the song, which definitely is made to work out great on stage as well.

8. The One You’re Waiting On

This single release has originally been written and released by Alan Jackson. When he released The One You’re Waiting On in summer 2023, the press kit stated The first time I heard this song, I had it playing in my truck and was just blown away, pretty sure I missed a turn. And you just cannot deny that you feel that magic of the song in its Randall King version as well.

9. Into The Neon

After this emotional highlight, the album is featuring the title track. Another rather slow track, which makes me close my eyes and enjoy the intense and lovely way Randall King is telling its story. Not too surprisingly that they had him at the well-reputed Country Night Gstaad in Switzerland last year – any song so far proofs the excellence of songwriting and performing by the US-American country artist.

10. Tonk Til I Die

Tonk Til I Die sounds like a fun track – and the fast strummed guitars at the beginning of the tenth track already tell you that this might be just right. After having so deep stories, it just feels amazing to have a song like this one, which is a lot of fun, but still has a classic country touch, e.g. by the amazing piano solo in the bridge.

I’m gonna tonk til I die
Yeah, I’ll be getting right
Every day or night
Til the lights come on.

11. But It Ain’t

The eleventh song is a real treat again. Not as quick as the song before, it still almost forces you to the move to the vibes of the step. A great sing-a-long for future shows. Love it.

12. Coulda Been Love

Coulda Been Love is another country song, which will not clear the country dance floor. The uptempo song has a nice and steady drive. However, the chorus and especially the bridge are even more fun than the remaining track. The twelfth song is also a good opportunity to praise the excellent musicians who worked with Randall King in the studio. The track is a treat for instrument lovers.

13. Damn You Look Good

Again, the title is suggestion some emotions – and indeed, Randall King is presenting another ballad. Even though the statement Damn you look good is taking a slightly different turn in the chorus. I won’t spoiler too much, enjoy the song.

14. Hard To Be Humble

The last song of Into The Neon, which has already been published as a single, is Hard To be Humble. The song is a rather typical modern country music track, which I feel is much stronger than the “just” some 360k streams on Spotify so far suggest.

15. Right Things Right

RIght Things Right nicely connects to the style of the predecessor. No matter whether Randall King is going for rather traditional sounds or for a modern track like this one, it just feels to turn out good. And you got a really nice guitar solo as well in here.

16. As Far As We Go

Here is another country ballad. Again, Randall King’s band is creating a lovely atmosphere. King’s voice just puts the right touch on top of it. Again, King is delivering beautiful emotions.

17. I Could Be That Rain

The second last song, I Could Be That Rain, is a midtempo track, which is nicely bridging the slightly traditional style of the artist and the album and modern sounds. Very nice.

18. I Don’t Whiskey Anymore

Party sounds or emotional? Finally, Randall King went for a very intimate and personal track to close Into The Neon. A beautiful confession and a lovely last track.


Randall King – Into The Neon – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Randall King – Into The Neon – My View

I typically first write the review and then care about the rating. But honestly, I put the Top Pick! banner already into this posting after a couple of songs. Into The Neon felt very convincing, relatable. Very early already I was confident that this album cannot go wrong. Of course, Randall King proofed me right. It is a lovely set of songs. And it is a set of 18 songs – something Nashville is delivering very rarely nowadays. Despite its length, the album just does not get boring. Great one.


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