Dana Fuchs – Borrowed Time

Dana Fuchs - Borrowed Time



4.4/5 Pros

  • Great combination of blues and rock
  • Amazing voice
  • Nice range of tracks.

The press kit for the album Borrowed Time names Dana Fuchs to be one of the biggest voices in blues rock. What might sound as pure marketing speech felt to be quite real after I just had a few seconds of this album. Short story: I had to share it with you. Here is my review. Release date is 29th April 2022.


Dana Fuchs – About The Artist

Dana Fuchs is a US singer-songwriter from New Jersey. She was born on 10th January 1976. She did not really have the best start into life with her father being alcoholic, her grandfather and her sister dying by suicide and she being exposed to drugs and working as a stripper. Finally, she started to concentrate on singing and songwriting and became successful quite quickly. In 2003, she released her first album, Lonely for a LifetimeBorrowed Time is her first album since 2018, when she released Love Lives On.


Dana Fuchs – Borrowed Time – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 51 minutes.

1. Double Down On Wrong

The opener dares to take bunch of seconds as a slow starter, before Dana Fuchs is firing the blues rock afterburners. Wow, that’s a lot of power in here. Nice balance between bluesy groove and rock guitar power.

2. Blue Mist Road

After this energetic moment, the second trip to the Blue Mist Road is quite a difference. The song concentrates on the lyrics, there is just a limited melodic support. Only the last two minutes of the 5:32 minute song have a bit of a stronger rock touch. Cool one.

3. Call My Name

Melodically, Call My Name is somewhere in the middle of the first two songs. Still, Dana Fuchs is rather going for an atmospheric sound than for rock power. Nice work on the guitar.

4. Save Me

Save Me has an energetic chorus, which stays in your mind. There is even a bit of a soul touch in this track. Great vocal performance here. Is Dana Fuchs some sort of blues Bonnie Tyler – or the female Joe Cocker? I am sure that this one is a blast if performed live on stage.

5. Curtain Close

Curtain Close contrasts with rather slow parts and very powerful ones. Especially the latter ones feel to become even more intense due to the amazing raspy sound of Fuchs’s voice. Nice.

6. Hard Road

Before the album release, Dana Fuchs solely featured two songs Borrowed TimeNot Another Second of You and this one, Hard Road. The sixth track on the album has a clear rock’n’roll texture, it could even be named a country rocker. The instrumental parts strongly make you feel the blues, though.

7. Borrowed Time

The title track is one of my favorite listens. A nice mixture of blues, rock and country elements. Just a good listen, which stays in your mind.

8. Nothing You Own

Dana Fuchs voice is amazing in ballads and slow tracks. In Nothing You Own, the musicians again just give her the lowest level of melodic support necessary. This feels like a great set of spotlights on the artist, her voice and the story of the song. The guitar solo in the middle for the track has a magical touch.

9. Not Another Second On You

Not Another Second On You comes with such a nice groove and drive, it strongly reminds me of some ZZ Top recordings. One of many reasons why it is areal highlight on this album. Wise single release selection.

10. Lonely Lie

The first tunes of Lonely Lie are played by the harmonica – that’s not the only rationale, why this track suprises the listener with very traditional sounds. I like it.

11. Last To Know

Maybe Dana just needed to load some batteries in the amplifiers or replace some cables in the studio. After the very different Lonely Lie, the New Jersey lady is rocking again. A song full of power, great!

12. Star

Star closes the album with another blues rocker. Compared to other tracks on the album, the blues groove is more intense, though. Really nice one, which is a good listen for blues fans as well as for rockers.


Dana Fuchs – Borrowed Time – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Dana Fuchs – Borrowed Time – My View

Wow, that’s indeed a good one. Dana Fuchs creates a lot of power – and her signature voice is simply outstanding on this album. Really loved the listen and absolutely recommend to give this artist a try. Top Pick!


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