Riley Green – Behind The Bar EP

Riley Green - Behind The Bar



5.0/5 Pros

  • Seven song EP
  • All songs are in top class level
  • Amazing finish with "That's my Dixie"

I really enjoyed Riley Green’s 2019 album Different ‘Round Here, while I reviewed it in September 2019. The more I was excited when I read that the Alabama-origin country artist will release a new EP on 2nd July 2021. It is called Behind The Bar. Here is my review.


Riley Green – About The Artist

I introduced you to Riley Green in the 2019 album review already. Different ‘Round Here came with some very impressive songs, like I Wish Grandpas Never Died, which just missed the US country Top 10 (like the album itself). There wre also some other great lyrics on the album. Behind The Bar is in fact already Green’s fifth EP – he released four ones between August 2017 and June 2019.


Riley Green – Behind The Bar – Track by Track

The seven track EP lasts 24 minutes.

1. Behind The Bar

The album starts with its title track – and it is a great one. Riley Green praises a tailgate party right Behind The Bar. The song comes with a lot of rock and power. We stay open all night – this song definitely can lead to similar effects!

2. That’s What I’ve Been Told

After a lot of power, the fiddle and the steel guitar take over the role of the key instruments of the next track. That’s What I’ve Been Told is a lovely ballad about love, about being honest and straight. A real beauty.

3. If It Wasn’t For Trucks

Riley Green is doing quite an alternative release strategy. If It Wasn’t For Trucks is in fact the only single release of this EP so far. The song is dated as of November 2021. No doubt, it is a really good one.

4. Put ‘Em On Mine

The guitars and the fiddle join for a lovely powerful country song. Back in the bar topic again, the song comes with a really good-to-listen to melody. Really good song.

5. That Was Us (feat. Jessi Alexander)

Adding some ladies’ power: for That Was Us, Riley Green and Jackson, Tennessee, country artist Jessi Alexander join forces. I frequently feel that Nashville duet productions somehow spoil the magic of duets: like often, this song rather feels like a Singstar karaoke video game duet: very artist has its part – the magic of harmonic vocals is practically not existing. Thus, the song feels a bit like wasted potential to me – even though it is a really good one.

6. I Let A Damn Good Woman Leave

The sixth song is a rather slow one. But the worst thing I ever did – I let a damn good woman leave. The song states the “sin” which feels the toughest in his life – even though Green lists a couple of thing which some people might rate to be much more serious. I am sure that, taking this song as an excuse, there is a chance to turn back time. The song is just too good.

7. That’s My Dixie

Just when I am ready to sum up my thoughts about Behind The Bar, Riley Green is closing the set of seven songs with an incredibly deep song. That’s My Dixie topics political correctness, increased social awareness – and being attacked instead of having discussions. Amazing finish of the album.


Riley Green – Behind The Bar – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Riley Green – Behind The Bar – My View

I could state that I feel that Riley Green and Jessi Alexander could have done the duet better in my point of view. But that’s all. Downgrading the Behind The Bar would be fastidious and ridiculous as well. This EP receives the rating is simply deserves: the full one! Riley Green is just amazing.


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