Dadi Freyr – I Made An Album

Dadi Freyr - I Made An Album



4.5/5 Pros

  • Very entertaining electro pop
  • Some deeper and emotional moments Cons

  • Eight songs already released

Sometimes, I Made An Album is named the English language debut album of Dadi Freyr (who is correctly spelled Daði Freyr). However, I would rather see it as the grand finale of several releases, starting with the four track EP I’m Making An Album and having four songs added for the second stage, I’m Still Making An Album. It is not too difficult to guess that the charming Icelandic artist finally releases a total of 12 songs on 25th August 2023. Here is my review.


Dadi Freyr – About The Artist

Daði Freyr Petursson was born on 30th June 1992 in Reykjavik.The Icelandic electro-pop artist lived part of his childhood years in Denmark, but then moved back to his home country. Nowadays, he is based in Berlin, where he moved to in 2012. Dadi Freyr’s musical career is closely linked to the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2017, he participated in the national pre-selection and finished runner-up with Is This Love? In 2020, he qualified to represent Iceland in the competition. His song Think About Things, performed together with the band Gagnamagnið (“Data Volume”), which also features his wife and his sister. Due to the pandemic, the song, which was one of the favorites of the year, could not proof against other competitors. Despite not being able to be on stage the year after in Rotterdam (due to a Covid-19 infection), his song 10 Years finished fourth.


Dadi Freyr – I Made An Album – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 37 minutes. Two tranches of four songs each, see above, have already been released.

1. Thank You

Thank you for allowing me to see you – ain’t that a nice gesture to start your debut album with a Thank You? The song starts slow and calm, but the second half is already a nice synth pop recording with a strong presence of the artist’s voice. Nice one.

2. I’m Fine

Yes, you are right. I’m Fine feels a bit of simple. And it works with typical pop elements. But this song just has a magical presence. You listen to it – and you are into it. And the bass is adding magical groove as well. It’s alright… No, it is much better than that.

3. Limit To Love

The dark, present voice, the clear rhythm and the bass grooves are the key ingredients to Limit To Love, too. Especially the verses give a very personal and direct touch, while the chorus’ duty is that you cannot stop listening to the song. At least until the 3:32 minutes are over and you head to the next one. Very nice.

4. Shut Up

This song starts with the words Shut Up – and thus a very clear statement. The song is more melodic, even though the general style of the songs does not alter too much in this album. Why should you change something if one million people are listening to your music on Spotify – each month? Very nice one.

5. Sometimes

The way the whole album campaign is made up, where are now in the songs added for the second partial release of it, I’m Still Making An Album (released May 2023). The song opens with a rhythmic part and is clearly aiming to make you move on the dancefloor. To me, this song is one of the rather weaker ones. But in the context of this album, it is still a fun listen.

6. I Just Want It

If you just go for the duration, the value for money in this one is not too good. The song just lasts 1:50 minutes. However, the spoken word vocals and the monotonous rhythm and backing vibes leads to a very special sound – even though Dadi Freyr is even for high note vocal parts thereafter.

7. Sunshine

When summer vibes and sun rays meat the musical world of this Icelandic artist… it is simply called Sunshine. The trance-alike sound works very well with the warm, harmonic backing melodies.

8. Moves To Make

Moves To Make closes the set of eight songs, which have already been released in the two waves of four songs each. Vice versa, the four news are still ahead of the listener. A special song, an interesting music video – one of the best ones of the whole album.

9. Settle Down

Settle Down is not only the first new song on I Made An Album, it is also a ballad. The Reykjavik-born artist masters the emotional side of music easily. Lovely listen.

10. If You Want To

This song works with a lot of looping. The some angry-feeling chorus and the fine stanzas is indeed a nice blend of two very different elements, though.

11. Trying

I feel that out of the three sets of four songs, this set of new songs is definitely the most special one. Trying is a hymnic electro-pop track, which is leaving a very special mark – just as the two songs before did. This one is one of the most intense songs of the album to me.

12. Bitte

Dadi Freyr opened the album with a Thank You – what would be the most straight-forward title for the chucker-out? “Please” or “You’re Welcome”, of course. The German word for that is Bitte. Indeed, the final track is completely in German. What a great way to honor his current country of residence. Love it.


Dadi Freyr – I Made An Album – Spotify

Here is the full twelve song set on Spotify.


Dadi Freyr – I Made An Album – My View

Dadi Freyr is simply good, straight and is able to do great, fun pop songs. However, the whole twelve song set also features deep moments, emotional ones. The closing song adds another really cool touch. How could you dare not to like this guy? I am hoping for I Made Another Album or whatever the sophomore will be named already.

Favorite Song: Move To Make (even though Bitte is the most special one…)


Dadi Freyr – 2023 Tour

The Icelandic artist is doing a very extensive tour, visiting all over Europe until Christmas with a break between late September and late November. Here are his tour dates:

We 30.08.2023 Aalborg (Denmark) – Drivhuset
Fr 01.09.2023 Aarhus – Train
Sa 02.09.2023 Copenhagen – Vega
Su 03.09.2023 Oslo (Norway) – Rockefallar
Mo 04.09.2023 Stockholm (Sweden) – Filadelfia
We 06.09.2023 Helsinki (Finland) – Tavastia Club
Fr 08.09.2023 Tallinn (Estonia)  – Noblessneri Valkoda
Sa 09.09.2023 Riga (Latvia) – Hanzas Perons
Su 10.09.2023 Vilnius (Lithuania) – Lukiskes Prison 2.0
Tu 12.09.2023 Warsaw (Poland) – Palladium Club
We 13.09.2023 Prague (Czechia) – Roxy
Fr 15.09.2023 Vienna (Austria) – Flex
Sa 16.09.2023 Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Kino Siska
Su 17.09.2023 Bologna (Italy) – Locomotiv Club
Mo 18.09.2023 Milan – Santeria Toscana 31
We 20.09.2023 Barcelona (Spain) – La (2) de Apolo
Th 21.09.2023 Madrid – Mon
Sa 23.09.2023 Reykjavik (Iceland) – Eve Fanfest
Mo 20.11.2023 Zurich (Switzerland) – Kaufleuten
Tu 21.11.2023 Lausanne – Les Docks
We 22.11.2023 Paris (France) – La Trianon
Fr 24.11.2023 Bournemouth (United Kingdom) – O2 Academy
Sa 25.11.2023 Cardiff – Great Hall
Su 26.11.2023 Wolverhampton – The Wulfrun Hall
Tu 28.11.2023 Cambridge – The Corn Exchange
Th 30.11.2023 Nottingham – Rock City
Fr 01.12.2023 Liverpool – Olympia
Sa 02.12.2023 Glasgow – O2 Academy
Mo 04.12.2023 Dublin (Ireland) – 3Olympia Theatre
Tu 05.12.2023 Manchester (United Kingdom) – Academy
Th 07.12.2023 London – O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire
Fr 08.12.2023 London – O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire
Su 10.12.2023 Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Paradiso
Mo 11.12.2023 Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Paradiso
Tu 12.12.2023 Brussels (Belgium) – Ancienne Belgique
Th 14.12.2023 Cologne (Germany) – Live Music Hall
Fr 15.12.2023 Frankfurt – Zoom
Sa 16.12.2023 Hamburg – Grosse Freiheit 36
Mo 18.12.2023 Berlin – Huxley’s Neue Welt and Iceland

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