Myle – Sad Boy Summer EP

MYLE - Sad Boy Summer



4.4/5 Pros

  • Nice blend of different musical influences
  • Straight, good listen

Myle has definitely been a raising artist in Germany during the last to years. He played the important SWR3 New Pop Festival, for example. Sad Boy Summer is his debut EP, there will be a tour in 2023. I had a listen to the EP, which has been released on 2nd December 2022.


MYLE – About The Artist

Myle’s civil name is Milo Hölz. He grew up in Ravensburg in Southern Germany. At the age of 16, he was part of the famous Southside Festival. His music is inspired by folk and American tunes, but also jazz. This is also due to the fact that his father is a Ravensburg local, but his mother is from New York City. The 2020 single Late Night High has been a breakthrough for the US-German artist, who is nowadays living in Mannheim and studying at the Pop Academy.


MYLE – Sad Boy Summer – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 18 minutes

1. Sad Boy Summer

Myle chose his EP to be opened with the title track. Despite the song has not yet been released before, it feels familiar. Finally, it is nicely in line with the sound of the artist he presented in previous single releases. Great, characteristic voice and just a good production.

2. Not Ready

Myle and his team care about that you stay in a good mood: the second song of the EP is his most successful song so far, Not Ready. Do I need to say too much more about it? Really cool modern pop song with a characteristic signature.

3. We’ll Be Ok

Okay, that’s what they call modern country on the other side of the big blue water. One factor why I enjoy listening to Myle and his music is – of course – his influence by North American genres. This slower track sounds a lot like made on the other side of the pond.

4. Overkill

The style of Overkill is similar to the very big hits by the US-German artist. Overkill is a bit more accentuated and for example comes with very present rhythmic elements. On the other hands, the song also has some very thoughtful sides. Enjoyable listen.

5. Mutual

Mutual is opening with strumming acoustic guitar sounds and turns into a pop song which feels a perfect choice for a slow dance with some friends. The song deserves better than “just” 210k listeners, I feel.

6. Overkill – Live Version

I would see the closing song, a live version of Overkill as some sort of bonus track. But this bonus track definitely adds value to the EP. This recording (which is also about a minute longer than the studio version) has such an amazing focus on the vocals. Especially the falsetto-alike sections are outstanding in here.


MYLE – Sad Boy Summer – Spotify

Here is Sad Boy Summer on Spotify


MYLE – Sad Boy Summer – My View

His single releases so far have been great listens – thus, a very good debut EP is just like you could expect from Myle. Sad Boy Summer is a very nice listen, which is beautifully driven by the fusion of German and US-American music culture – and a lot of talent. Hope to have more music by him in 2023.


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