Clara Louise – Enough Is Enough

Clara Louise - Enough Is Enough



4.7/5 Pros

  • Beautiful lyrics
  • Very condensed, beautiful songs
  • Very pleasant vocals

Clara Louise is indeed a very multi-talented German artist. With Enough Is Enough, she is already releasing her sixth studio album. However, it is the second one in English. I ran into her songs on a promotion platform and felt to share the album with you.


Clara Louise – About The Artist

Clara Louise’s civil name is Clara Güll. She was born on 25th September 1992 in Lahnstein near Koblenz in Germany, where she also grew up. At the age of 16, she won an online talent show and also moved to Salzburg in Austria. She initially released her first singles as Clara in English. Two of the three singles of her debut album Magic (2010) made it to the German Top 80s in the single charts. In 2014, she released a cover of Am Tag als Conny Kramer starb, which is quite a popular song in Germany (original: Juliane Werding). This was also the feature single of her second album Erde (2015). There were three more album releases since then, the latest being Verbunden in 2020. Clara Louise is also founding member of a sustainable shoe label, a vegan dairy and is successful as an independent lyricist.


Clara Louise – Enough Is Enough – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 34 minutes.

1. Enough Is Enough

The structure of the album is rather classic: the first three songs have been released as single already, followed by the “new” tracks. The album thereby starts with its title track. A very rhythmic pop track, which also has a very special touch due to the nice bass groove. Enough Is Enough comes with a very nice and catching atmosphere – good opener.

2. No Longer No

Just a few chords in the background – in general, No Longer No is majorly driven by the drum computer alike rhythm and Clara Louise’s gentle vocal performance. This leads to a very catching and characteristic sound. Like it.

3. Illusion

Illusion is the first song, which has a strong folk music touch. A very thoughtful, fragile song, which just makes you stay calm and listen to the lyrics.

4. Goodbye Little Old Town

The first “new” song of the album is already a gem: the 2:30 minute track is a nice rhythmic song somewhere between folk and country music and a lot of personal words and lyrics in a rather short time. The bridge adds a nice ease to the song, which is about her leaving hiome very early. Love it.

Either I leave
Or I will drown
Goodbye, Little Old Town

5. When I’m Gone

The fifth song is in fact a cover and has been written by Phil Ochs in the 1960’s already. Clara Louise turns When I’m Gone into a gentle, beautiful folk ballad. Lovely listen!

6. Morning Light (You Will Rise)

The sixth track is the longest recording on the album. The rhythm reminds me of marching band music. However, Clara Louise stays with her gentle, very warm and pleasant way to tell her stories. Only the chorus has a bit more presence. Nice one.

7. By A Broken Heart

By A Broken Heart is one of my favorite listens. The song has a simple, but very nice melody, which stays in your mind. The song could be a nice radio listen as well.

8. Count On Me

Count On Me is a song about trusting in each other, about love. I don’t need no spaceship to find the magic – it’s right here where we lay – just a short example illustrating the beauty of this song.

9. How Beautiful You Are

Love stays the topic about How Beautiful You Are (obviously…).

I think now it’s time for you to know
How beautiful you are to me, hey, hey!

A lovely song which an almost reggae-alike summer vibe. I definitely listen to this ninth track with a bright smile in my face.

10. To Be Fine

After these emotional moments, To Be Fine rather moves towards a pop vibe again. A song about struggling to lie that you are fine if you are not. Nice listen.

11. You Are The One

The 2:21 closer is in fact the shortest song of Enough is Enough. A folk-pop song with a very accentuated and catching melody line – just made to stay in your mind.


Clara Louise – Enough Is Enough – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Clara Louise – Enough Is Enough – My View

There is not too much I need to say about Enough Is Enough: I simply love that sound of this artist. Beautiful songs with a very intimate touch and lovely lyrics. Clara Louise does not go for the loud riffs or the powerful base drums – just because she does not need to be. She uses just what is needed to tell her stories. Amazing!


Clara Louise – Tour 2022

Clara Louise is having a couple of gigs in October 2022. There is only one show in Austria, all other venues are located in Germany:

Fr 14.10.2022 Stuttgart – clubCANN
Sa 15.10.2022 Munich – Strom
Tu 18.10.2022 Cologne – Luxor
We 19.10.2022 Berlin – Frannz
Th 20.10.2022 Leipzig – Clubzimmer
Fr 21.10.2022 Hamburg – Nochtspeicher
So 23.10.2022 Hanover – Lux Club Linden
Tu 25.10.2022 Bochum – ClBahnhof Langendreeher
Th 27.10.2022 Vienna (Austria) – B72


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