Deafcon5 – Exit To Insight

Deafcon5 - Exit To Insight



4.2/5 Pros

  • Very versatile hard rock / prog rock album
  • Good instruments
  • Very entertaining

On a promotion platform, I ran into the album Exit To Insight by the German band Deafcon5. The album is already the band’s fourth major release. It will be published on 7th June 2024.


Deafcon5 – About The Artists

Deafcon5 is a hard rock band from Hamburg, Germany. The band has already been founded in 2008. The first album of the band, High Definition, has been released in 2012 an became available for streaming this year. The same applies to the 2016 long-play, Track of Dirt. The third album so far, F.E.E.L., has been released in 2020. The band consists of Michael Gerstle (vocals), Dennis Altmann (guitars), Frank Feyerabend (keys), Frank Schwaneberg (bass) and Sebastian Morschüring (drums).


Deafcon5 – Exit To Insight – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 57 minutes.

1. Prologue

The title already tells about the character of the opening track. However, not only the duration of Prologue (3:35 minutes) is special. It is a very personal narration, going back to childhood years in the beginning and then turns into a massive and intense instrumental rock section. Really nice one!

2. Caught In

Deafcon5 don’t like the short ones, I guess. After the overflowing intro track, the first full song Caught In lasts 6:55 minutes. The song does turn into a really nice epic dark rock song, which has some very present keyboard parts at the beginning, but works with a couple of different sections. Towards the end of the song, Michael Gerstle even has a vocal part without any instrument. This leads to a very entertaining and versatile listen.

3. As I Am

Some four minutes is as short as it gets on Exit To Insight – and the following two songs last about that long. The intro to As I Am has an industrial touch, but then the guitars take over their duties and push the song back into the hard rock grounds. The song works with nice melodies and especially the chorus turns out to be a treat.

4. Disaffection

Deafcon5 can also do emotional, dreamy songs. Disaffection is a lovely proof. The song comes with fine melodies, good guitar work. Michael Gerstle’s voice still leads to that fine hard rock touch. Good one.

5. Escape Route

The songs become longer and more epic again on Exit To Insight. The fifth one, Escape Route, for example, is an almost seven minutes listen. The band uses that for bombast and energetic guitar play. The promotion platform classifies the album as a prog rock one – and songs like this explain why this is not wrong.

6. Self-Delusion

Self-Delusion reminds me of some of the early songs of the album. The song starts with a fine melody, but then introduces intense hard rock parts. Even though the song feels comparably compact, it does work with breaks and atmosphere changes. Other tracks in here define a stronger profile – but it is definitely a nice listen.

7. Serious Doubts

The seventh song is a very emotional and slow track, driven by the piano. Hard rockers simply need to do that kind of song as well

8. Disequilibrium

The eighth track has been the only single release of Exit To Insight so far. Again, Deafcon5 manage to have a versatile, entertaining listen, even though the song lasts almost eight minutes. Good one.

9. Trip To Me

The ninth track is almost nine minutes long. The band invests a lot into the atmosphere of the song, but also uses electronic sounds. The song is a lovely showcase for the instrumentalists of the band, coming with a nice dramatic plot.

10. Who I (Really) Am

The farewell is a short one: the last two minutes belong to Who I (Really) Am. It is rather a closing song, creating a frame around the songs.


Deafcon5 – Exit To Insight – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Deafcon5 – Exit To Insight – My View

Exit To Insight is a great showcase for Deafcon5. The songs are versatile, there is a lot to explore. You simply have a great time getting sucked into the musical universe created by the Hamburg band. I really had a good time.

Favorite Song: Caught In


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