Palehorse – Hunting Grounds

Palehorse - Hunting Grounds



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very versatile sound
  • A lot of atmospheric changes

I rather frequently receive promos from Scandinavian artists. Unfortunately, my capacity is often too limited to process all of them. One band I ran into that way is Palehorse (which is in fact spelled Palehørse). On 17th November 2023, the metal band is releasing their second album, Hunting Grounds. I had a listen.


Palehorse – About The Artists

Palehorse are a metal trio from Tampere in Finland. In 2019, they released a self-titled debut album, which received quite good critics. Also the single releases before Hunting Grounds have been published looked promising. The three band members are Lassi Mäki-Kala (vocals, guitar), Samu Honko (drums) and Ville Sivonen (bass).


Palehorse – Hunting Grounds – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 41 minutes.

1. Revival

It almost feels chumming up to open the album with that song. You are not really into Hunting Grounds – and you have to sing along with the Scandinavians. What starts as a catching arena rocker, more and more develops hard rock and metal qualities. Revival is definitely a very nice opener for this album.

2. Deathless Endeavor

Hear my calling!
“Can’t be the only one”
Show me something
My deathless endeavor

This 3:39 minute track is driven by a catching chorus. However, the slowing down bridge also is a nice element of Deathless Endeavor. Nice sound, the groove machine on the bass and at the drums are doing an excellent job.

3. Magnetism

Shouldn’t Magnetism be a more important topic in the world of music? Similar to the previous song, there is no slower start and Palehorse goes for the full metal power from the very beginning. Lassi Mäki-Kala is leading his band mates nicely in here – good one.

4. Skeleton Shuteye

The fourth song comes with one of the most catching melodies of the album. The melancholic sound here feels a bit too much at first sight – but then you feel so hard that it is simply working out well. Very nice work.

5. The Sweetest Of Bloods

After the slightly slower fourth song, Paleforce goes into afterburner mode in here  I feel sorry for drummer Samu Honko, who runs the song with an excellent speed and precision.The band states You got to taste the sweetest of blood – you also got to listen a really nice rocker.

6. We Created This Silence

I guess you did not really expect a silent song on the sixth position. However, We Created This Silence does indeed have some rather quiet moments, but it also explodes and has some very dark, very metal-ic sections. The ongoing change of moods, speeds and atmosphere turns this song into an remarkable listen.

7. Aimless In Our Aim

Aimless In Our Aim is one of the songs in which Vilel Siivonen is taking over a second vocal role. This leads to a better depth and sound of the song. The duet-alike parts create a great touch. Similar to the predecessor, Palehorse nicely change the speed and atmosphere of the track periodically.

8. Revenant (Part I)

The next wo tracks form a beautiful unity and lead to the most narrative and theatric part of Hunting Grounds. The very lyrical and dramatic style turns Revenant (Part 1) into the more entertaining part, though.

9. Promised Land (Part II)

Promised Land (Part II) is a bit more harder and darker and also has a stronger focus on the instrumental side. Nonetheless, especially the second half of this song has some nice sections.

10. Unravel

The Finnish band close their second album with the majestic song Unravel. There are sections which pick up elements from other songs. This defines the perfect finale for this listen.


Palehorse – Hunting Grounds – Track by Track

Here is Hunting Grounds on Spotify:


Palehorse – Hunting Grounds – Track by Track

I really like the versatile and entertaining sound of the Finnish trio. Sometimes, they feel to be hard, dark metalheads, then they present very gentle and fine melodies. Overall, the album is a good listen with some really nice melodic moments.

Favorite Song: Deathless Endeavor


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