Songs Of The Week (week of 20 January 2023)

Oh wow, I really have to limit myself this week. There is so much good music being released this week. Already on the non-country music side, I could have easily presented some 15 albums to you. Thus, I had to drop some prominent artists like Maneskin. Similar things apply for this edition of my favorite new releases of the week. My initial list was massive – sorry to all the artist I had to remove just due to capacity.


Tors – Anything Can Happen

The leading song for this week’s Songs of the Week come from Devon, United Kingdom. They already have received some merits as a support act for a few artist, an EP and a European tour will follow soon. I guess that these guys have a lot of potential – I love Anything Can Happen, at least.


Alice Merton – Waste My Life

The second artist on my list this week is Alice Merton. She was born in Frankfurt in Germany, but majorly grew up in Canada as well as in three other countries. Her 2019 album Mint was a big seller in Germany, No Roots was her biggest song so far, receiving four platinum records overall. This one is a great pop listen as well.


Anna-Sophie – Insanity

I featured this Austrian pop lady twice in my 2022 Songs of the Week, on 18th February and on 4th October. Her first single in 2023, Insanity, feels a bit more rocking – but is also very energetic and powerful. Love it!


Unversum25 – Wir warten

The dark rock superband from Germany is working more and more towards the release of their debut album. Universum25 will be released on 3rd March 2023. This single release feels promising.


Metallica – Screaming Suiciide

I guess I don’t have to say too much about these US-American gods of metal. Some three months to go until the release of their new album, 72 Seasons.


The Luka State – Matter of Fact

The Luka State are a band from England, located between Manchester and Liverpool. The song is also teasing their album release in March 2023. In April 2023, they will also go on tour and play some shows in Germany.


Destination Anywhere – Zombie

The list of interesting new releases is long each week. The more, it is important to include some tracks, which make you smile. The ska-punk band Destination Anywhere from Siegen in Germany is a great opportunity to relax and feel the pop and summer vibes of this new song.


DMA’S – Fading Like A Picture

From Germany to Australia – DMA’s released this track already last Wednesday. Nice listen with a very characteristic voice. I definitely love to listen to these guys.


Anna Smyrk – I Don’t Want to Meet Your Mother

The Songs of the Week stay in Down Under, which is also the home of Anna Smryrk. Nice indie-style song by the Australian artist. And a clear message – music written to relate to.


Prins – Something New

We stay in the Australia-Oceania region with this nice pop song. Alannah Prins (which is her full name) is an artist from New Zealand. The more I listen to Something New, the more I like it.


Sofyka – A Fool To Change The World

Sofyka calls her music “worship pop”. The German artist lived in the United States for two years and started to boost her career on social media. Nice track.


Nave Grey & Lery Luv – My Choice

Nave Grey is a German artist from Hamburg. Lery Luv moved to Germany at the age of eleven. This pop is dedicated to set limits in case of sexual harassment. Nice song with a good message.


Rammor feat. Harina – Walk Away

Rammor is a house DJ from Bavaria. Together with the German-Bulgarian artist Harina, he is presenting this new happy pop song. Nice vibes.


Florian Bunke – Everest

This week, I feature a lot of German pop songs. Florian Bunke is a pop singer-songwriter from Kiel in Northern Germany. During the last years, he started to grow his career all over the country. Nice sound with a very modern touch.


Wolfgang Petry – Gib mein Herz zurück

Wolfgang Petry is working towards his new album. I still love to his Pete Wolf Band country/Americana songs, but these songs represent Petry’s “traditional” genre, schlager. Very nice one.


Fäschtbänkler – All In (Lieblingslieder)

One of these “Sorry, I just had to add it”-songs. The Fäschtbänkler are a Swiss band, who mix traditional folk with pop and party sounds. The track is about the bands “Favorite songs”. I love it and smile while listening to these guys.


Kamrad – Feel Alive

Tim Kamrad, who is releasing music as Kamrad, released Feel Alive this week. He is originally from Wuppertal in West Germany. With I Believe, he had a great hit in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, where the song has even been a platinum one.


Marie Bothmer – Vollnarkose

There are not too many songs titled “General Anesthetic”. Marie Bothmer’s one of them. The song by the Southern German tells a rather dramatic story about recovering from a surgery.


Peter Schilling – The Promise

Peter Schilling was a famous artist of the Neue Deutsche Welle in the 1980’s. This week, he is presenting his new song The Promise – just a week before the Stuttgart-origin artist becomes 67 years old.


Eloise – Drunk on a Flight

Okay, that’s a topic I can relate to. A British artist with a very interesting sound, almost a bit of jazz-alike and with a lot of groove. Have a listen and enjoy.


Helge Schneider – The Last Torero

This week, the amazing Helge Schneider from Mülheim and der Ruhr in the Ruhrgebiet region is closing my list of songs this week. He is doing it with the genre he is likely best in: jazz. Helge is fun – and amazing.



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