Alexandra Hofmann – Grün

Alexandra Hofmann - Grün



4.6/5 Pros

  • Very good schlager sound
  • Versatile songs with a low level of stereotypes
  • Good lyrics

The Geschwister Hofmann (namely: “Hofman Siblings”) have been a German schlager duo of two sisters. From their first stage appearances in the late 1980’s until recent times, they steadily grew their fanbase and TV appearance. In 2022, both sisters started to pursue a solo career. The elder sister Alexandra thereby was slightly later than Anita. On 6th October 2023, she has been finally releasing her debut album Grün (“Green”).


Alexandra Hofmann – About The Artist

Alexandra Hofman was born on 11th February 1974 in Sigmaringen in Southern Germany. Her civil name nowadays (after marriage) is Geiger. Together with her three years younger sister, they even did music on stage in rather young childhood years. Both musicians are multi-instrumentalists. They initially did rather traditional folk schlager songs, but then more and more headed towards modern schlager. In 1992, the Geschwister Hofmann had their first TV appearance. At that time, they already recorded three albums.I found over thirty studio albums by the duo.


Alexandra Hofmann – Grün – Track by Track

The thirteen track album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Mach´s für dich

What would be if from one day to another, you would solely care about you like? That’s the topic of the opener, the title translates to “Do it for you”. Some strong messages like “real life is not happening on Instagram”. A very melodic, nice opener. Definitely like it!

2. Ich seh grün

Ich seh grün translates to “I see green” – which also tells you that the second song is the title track of the album. It is definitely the heartbeat of the album and tries to center give the album a very optimistic touch. Very good, strong message.

Egal, was jeder Tag so bringt
Egal, ob jedes Spiel gelingt
Ich mag nie wieder schwarz
Glaub’ mir, ich seh grün
So grün, wie nur die Hoffnung ist
So grün, wie wenn der Frosch Dich küsst
Ich will, ich will es an jede Mauer sprühen
Ich seh, ich seh grün

(“No matter, what every day is about
No matter, whether every game is successful
I don’t like to have black any more
Believe in me, I see green
So green as only hope is alike
So green as if a frog is kissing you
I want, I want to spray it on every wall
I see, I see grün”)

3. Weiter

The core message of the album continues with Weiter. The track encourages to keep on with your plans, regardless whether there is a successful time in your life or not. There is a bit of schlager-kitsch in the song, but Alexandra Hofmann definitely recorded another really strong track in here.

4. Lights of freedom (feat. Jorgen Olsen)

The fourth song of Grün is a very special one. For this track, Hofmann is collaborating with one part of the legendary Olsen Brothers, Jorgen Olsen). This English-German lyrics song comes with the strong spirit of the Danish act, but still feels to be a nice fit to the album. Cool one.

5. Hymne aufs Leben

The fifth song is a lovely ballad named the “Hymn of Life”. No typical schlager beat, but just a piano and Alexandra Hofmann’s voice. Later, there is also a stronger and wider arrangement with strings. I feel that many listeners will put this song to the top of their list. I am tempted to do so as well.

6. Pisa

There are quite a lot of songs on Grün, which do not go that strongly for the typical schlager stereotypes in regards of topic and style. Pisa is rather a listen for traditional schlager music lovers. Nonetheless, the song is a rather good catch and listen.

7. Das war´s noch nicht

The seventh song is going back to the encouraging main topic of the album. “That has not been everything” is the translation of the album. Unfortunately, I feel that Das war’s noch nicht is one of the weakest spots of the album. There is just not too much special in this track – and other songs in here deliver similar messages in a better way.

8. Manege frei

The stomping rhythm of Manage frei is giving the clear statement: this one is made for the schlager dancefloor. And that’s exactly what Alexandra Hofmann is delivering in here in a nice way. Especially the chorus is not overwhelmingly deep (but still has some message), but it is a good catch with good vibes. Disco fox lovers will smile brightly here.

9. Spring!

Alexandra Hofmann asks you to “Jump!” in this ninth song. She is promising Du wirst nicht fallen, sondern fliegen – “You won’t fall but fly”. Leb Deinen Traum, sei schwerelos – “Live your dream, be at zero-g”. Another sound which is written to believe in yourself. The song is having a strong rhythm in the chourus. However, there are also rather thoughtful elements in it. I definitely love it.

10. Hier kommt Alex

Recently, this single release made me focus on this album and also made me decide that I have to give it a listen. This song would also be a damn cool rocker. I love it.

11. Danke

This “Thank you” is just a 82 second track – but it is a special one. There are some piano background chords. But majorly, it is a spoken message by Hofmann to her listeners. She says things like “I hope that from now on, your life is I see green” and that you should care about yourself, doing things just for you. The most personal way possible sending a message to her audience. More than that, it is also a thank you to her fans.

12. The best

The last two tracks are cover versions, which also illustrate the musical potential of Alexandra Hofmann. I especially love this first cover of Tina Turner’s classic. When Hofmann turns it into a slow piano ballad, I just cannot prevent from getting goosebumps. Simply touching. I say Danke to the artist now latest.

13. Sara perche ti amo

Okay, this one has been a social media hit in recent times, especially to due to the legendary performances of the AC Milan soccer fans at the Milan San Siro stadium. No goosebumps this time, but a bright smile – as I feel a lot of fun listening to this version. Or do I really see green already?


Alexandra Hofmann – Grün – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Alexandra Hofmann – Grün – My View

I have been rather shy of reviewing schlager albums in recent past. Quite a lot of them just did not pass the first level of checks and felt rather weak. I received some others too late for a review, unfortunately. When I briefly listened to Grün the first time, i knew I had to have a deeper listen – and I definitely did not regret it. Alexandra Hofmann released a great album with a clear message and good songs, which even partially wipe away some weaker spots.

Favorite Song: Hier kommt Alex


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