Riddy Arman – Riddy Arman

Riddy Arman - Riddy Arman



4.3/5 Pros

  • Great stories
  • Very limited, but intense presentation
  • Very relatable album Cons

  • No entertaining, happy songs

Debut album by Riddy Arman: the young female country music artists gets into the virtual record stores with a nine song self-titled collection of tracks. Riddy Arman will be released on 10th September 2021. I already had a listen.


Riddy Arman – About The Artist

I unfortunately could not find too much bio information about Riddy Arman. The press kit is full of stories, though, which you will also find in the internet about her. She is an Ohio-origin artist, who started to release music in this year. All official single releases I found are part of Riddy Arman.


Riddy Arman – Riddy Arman – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 30 minutes.

1. Spirits, Angels, Or Lies

The album starts with a very deep, emotional song about the death of Riddy Arman’s father, who felt to have met Johnny Cash the night before his death. A great recording, which is having a strong focus on the vocals and the story. You just don’t have any other option than just listening and be amazed about the story.

2. Half a Heart Keychain

The instruments are much more present in this song – and even though the song is again concentrating to tell the story right, Half a Heart Keychain feels to me more easy – almost entertaining. Quite a significant break in the style of the song after the bridge.

3. Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire is the first song which Riddy Arman has not released before the album. The song is even stronger in this very traditional country song style. Three chords and the truth – the backing melody is limited, the steel guitar is almost crying here and there and the drummer is doing a slow rhythm.

Barbed Wire
Between us in a line
A cowbow hates fencin’
’til there’s love on his mind

4. Both of My Hands

Both Of My Hands is having a strong support from the fiddle. The song with a lot of echo and Arman’s strong voice comes with a very dramatic character. Impressive song with a long outro, which even makes the song feel more scary.

5. Help Me Make It Through the Night

The lyrics of the 2:41 minute song come in just nine (comparably long) lines. Short message, but nice song.

6. Herding Song

The Herding Song is the shortest on the album, just some 2:08 minutes. Another quiet song, well written. Unfortunately, two minutes feel a bit too limited to create a nice story and atmosphere – such as other songs on the album do.

7. Old Maid’s Draw

I more and more give up. You won’t find easy songs here. Riddy Arman does not make you dance. Riddy Arman does not make you feel happy. She wants to make you listen, reflect about her story. Thus, the songs just have a certain monotony. Love it or skip her music. That’s the way she does her album – that’s the way she is tell you about the Old Maid’s Draw:

Up the Old Maid’s Draw
Where the grass is green
The wolves a little mean and the Arrowleaf’s tall


8. Too Late to Write a Love Song

Regarding what I wrote about the song before: Too Late to Write a Love Song is as light, as entertaining as Riddy Arman gets on her debut album. A somehow melodic, catching chorus is introducing some more energy. It works very well, indeed. But she just does not feel to be comfy with that style for a whole album, I guess. I sometimes need some uplifting music – so that’s the song I enjoy most. Having said that, it is not the best track.

9. Problems of My Own

The last song looks back on family life, unhappy moments. The brother is crying, the mother is drinking.

I’ma grow up fast, never look back
Find some problem’s of my own.

A deep, somehow very depressive ending of this track.


Riddy Arman – Riddy Arman – Spotify

Here is Riddy Arman’s debut album on Spotify:


Riddy Arman – Riddy Arman – My View

I feel that Riddy Arman is a very courageous album – especially as it is Riddy Arman’s debut. She does not care about what is commercial – Riddy Arman is just doing her thing. She is doing where she is strong, telling stories her way. Many listeners may not stand that for a longer period. On the other hand, the longer you listen, the more you get sucked into the story, get fascinated by the world of Riddy Arman. She is great in that. Especially in a debut. Very good nine songs.


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