Lordi – Abracadaver (from: Lordiversity)

Lordi - Abracadaver



3.4/5 Pros

  • Still quite some good and really good songs
  • Some really good performances on this album Cons

  • Some "filling the album" songs
  • Not always good ways to interpret the desired genre

Abracadaver is the sixth episode of the Lordiversity. This time, the album feature twelve songs around thrash metal and groove metal, somewhere between the 1980’s and the 1990’s. Here is my view about this part of the massive Lordi release.


Lordi – Abracadaver – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 44 minutes.

1. SCG Minus 2: Horricone

I am sure I don’t need to explain you the reference in this Scartic Circle Gathering opener. It works. Full stop.

2. Devilium

While other metalheads screm about the delirium, this needs to be adopted to a rather develish environment in the world of Lordi. The song starts very promising and blasts you with a lot of power. Unfortunately, it feels a bit like the Scandinavians are too surprised by themselves how good this unfamiliar genre sounds – and loose a bit of track. The song simply becomes too slow and soft. Bad luck.

3. Abracadaver

The song leads to a rather similar feeling than its predecessor: the song has some good moments, but it just does not lead this album. It does not even add a strong flavor, a direction. Thus, this third song leads to a slight disappointment, even though the instrumental section is really good.

4. Rejected

Rejected is one of the best songs of this album to me. Nice thrash touch and a great vocal performance by the head of monsters, who feels to push his voice to the very upper limits in this song. Would love to feel more of this energy in other tracks as well.

5. Acid Bleeding Eyes

Especially after the good Rejected, Acid Bleeding Eyes feels a bit too thin unfortunately. . There are not as many catching elements in here like in other songs, especially in other Lordiversity albums. Feels a bit that filling Abracadaver with a full song set was a very difficult task for the monsters.

6. Raging At Tomorrow

The sixth song is over five minutes long. At the beginning, it comes a bit with the Acid Bleeding Eyes feeling and I rather felt about the skip button. The song may be a bit too simple, but it definitely gets better the longer it runs.

7. Beast Of Both Worlds

Beast Of Both Worlds is one of the best songs of the album to me. Again, Lordi manages to go with a catching hot start – and this time, the instrumental and vocal performance keep up with that thrash-ish powers. Nice breaks into melodic elements – but not too much, so that you don’t feel that track would be better on another Lordiversity album.

8. I’m Sorry I’m Not Sorry

Hiisi and Amen do a great job on their strings here, so that the song has a lot of character. The vocal monster has an easy job then – and makes the song feel like an easy, good listen. Head banging is almost guaranteed while listening to I’m Sorry I’m Not Sorry.

9. Bent Outta Shape

I would love to have more Abracadaver songs like Bent Outta Shape. The Finnish band proofs that they feel home in the heavier metal genres as well. Over five minutes of metal power is one of the most impressive listens on this album.

10. Evil

The Killection track Evil is already a well-known song. In this part of the album, the band does a great job. The song focuses more on melodic and overall has that Lordi-song-feeling as well. The chorus is a definite thumbs up as well. My favorite Abracadaver rocker.

11. Vulture Of Fire

In Vulture Of Fire, Mr. Lordi is definitely in focus again. The instrumental part is a bit too shy, too mousy – feels like the melodic monster were a bit of tired in studio. Okay, I excuse that for this song – the Lordiversity is simply a massive release.

12. Beastwood

With the outro Beastwood, Lordi gives a less than on minute farewell sound. Some bloodhounds or similar feel a bit of scary at the end.


Lordi – Abracadaver – Streaming

Here is the album on Spotify:


Lordi – Abracadaver – My View

If you go for such an ambitious project like Lordiversity, you sometimes likely reach your limits or even would have to exceed your potential. Unfortunately, some Abracadaver songs just leave a certain feeling that exactly that happened in the studio or that they have majorly been chosen to complete the long-player. Out of the first six album I listened to so far, Abracadaver is unfortunately the weakest one.


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