Jon Pardi – Mr. Saturday Night

Jon Pardi - Mr. Saturday Night



4.7/5 Pros

  • Very versatile album
  • Good songs
  • A lot of good new tracks

2nd September 2022 features quite a bunch of interesting releases by interesting artists. One of these releases is definitely Mr. Saturday Night by Jon Pardi. Pardi has become quite a big name in the country music business so that I had to have a listen.


Jon Pardi – About The Artist

Jonathan Ryan Pardi was born on 20th May 1985 in Dixon, California, a city in the USA between San Francisco and Sacramento. He lived there until he finished high school and then moved to Nashville to pursue a professional career. Two years after he became a professional artist, he released his debut album. Write You a Song  has been published in January 2014 and finally peaked third in the US country charts. The following album California Sunrise was his only album so far to top the US Country Charts. The album received a platinum record in the USA and Canada each. On top of that, Pardi had multiple chart-toppers in the US country airplay charts. Some of them are Head Over Boots (2015), Dirt on My Boots (2016), Heartache Medication (2019) and also Last Night Lonely, which is part of Mr Saturday Night. The album is his fourth studio album overall.


Jon Pardi – Mr. Saturday Night – Track by Track

The fourteen song album lasts 45 minutes.

1. Mr. Saturday Night

I would say that Jon Pardi is going for a safe start with the Mr Saturday Night album: the first three songs sum up to 40 million streams on Spotify only (which is mainly due to the 37m Last Night Lonely song, though). The title track takes the first step into Jon Pardi’s 2022 recording. A very thoughtful beauty, which is a good listen for modern country listeners as well as for rather traditional fans of the genre.

2. Fill ‘Er Up

Traditional style, contemporary groove and simply a good melody – that’s how I would describe Fill ‘Er Up in brief. The song comes with nice elements for many kinds of listeners. Apart from that, the song really stays in your mind very well. Good one!

3. Last Night Lonely

The last of three previously released tracks is definitely the most contemporary one. A bit of thumping and rocking and a beautiful melody line – well done!

4. Neon Light Speed

After this very catching listening experience, Neon Light Speed feels a bit slow. That’s a bit of shame, I like the vocal performance on this song very much and the instruments create a really cool atmosphere.

5. New Place To Drink

New Place To Drink works with country music stereotypes and traditional country music vibes. Yeah, that feels a bit too much here and there, but Jon Pardi just turns the listen into an enjoyable experience. It’s just too well done.

6. Your Heart Or Mine

The steady groove and the present, clapping rhythm leads to pop music feelings, while the guitar solo rather feels you to be in a country rocker. That’s the magic of this album: even if there is stuff you don’t feel to like, Jon Pardi is presenting you some tunes which you in fact love. Very good job.

7. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a bit of a hidden track. Not that loud and present, an ordinary melody. It’s a nice listen, but it does not have that many special characteristics.

8. Longneck Way To Go (with Midland)

This track has been released by Midland initially and thus feels to be like a bonus track on the album. Jon Pardi and Midland feel like a good match, though. The song is definitely not feeling like a stranger in this set of tracks.

9. Raincheck

Tonight I just want a whiskey
And sit here alone
Flip through the pictures
Of the memories on my phone

Raincheck is a beautiful slow write after the the rather country-party alike song with Midland. One of my favorites.

10. Workin’ On A New One

The tenth song has a really nice groove and thus connects beautifully to some songs in the first half of Mr. Saturday Night. Nice mid-tempo country song.

11. Hung The Moon

The eleventh track is a bit slower and also a bit of darker. The chorus feels rather heavy, but it is an impressive listen.

12. The Day I Stop Dancin’

The twelfth song is a perfect track for the last country summer parties of the year. A slow track, which is having just the right groove to have a slow dance while the sun is setting.

13. Smokin’ A Doobie

These kind of topics don’t lead to the “Explicit” button on Spotify – but the song leads to a bright smile on my face. Just when I felt that the album is slowing down a bit, this song adds a really cool listen to the list of tracks. Fun one!

14. Reverse Cowgirl

lrigwoC? Or what else should a Reverse Cowgirl be? Jon Pardi is telling us in the final song of the album. A beautiful ballad allows us to enjoy the last 3:26 minutes of Mr. Saturday Night with a bunch of emotions.

If you put that thing in reverse, cowgirl, come on home
Take that U-turn ’cause I don’t wanna be alone
I got this missin’ you condition
Hate that we’re in this position
If you back it up, babe, we can make things work
So, put that thing in reverse, cowgirl


Jon Pardi – Mr. Saturday Night – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Jon Pardi – Mr. Saturday Night – My View

There are not too many reasons to doubt that not only Jon Pardi fans will like Mr. Saturday Night. The album beautifully uses country music styles without being too experimental. Whenever you feel that you might not be that entertained by the listen, Jon Pardi is adding a really good tune. This is indeed a really good song compilation.


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