Tyler Childers – Country Squire

Tyler Childers - Country Squire



4.4/5 Pros

  • Really nicely written songs Cons

  • Not too mainstream-ish

Not just on stage in Germany, but also due to a significant number of studio releases, the upcoming months from August to October 2019 will be very interesting in the country music genre. The first release I am having a look at is the album Country Squire of Tyler Childers. Childers may not be one of the most well-known names, but he had quite some success on stage and in the critics already.

Tyler Childers – About the Artist

Tyler Childers is a Kentucky-born artist. He is playing country music with a touch of bluegrass and folk. He started releasing music in 2011 at the age of 19. However, his first album, Bottles and Bibles, was not too much of a commercial success. Two EPs, Live on Red Barn Radio I and Live on Red Barn Radio II followed in 2013 and 2014. These were released together in 2018, after his second album, the 2017 one Purgatory, made it to the top of the US Heat charts and into the Top 20 of the US Country album Billboard. Childers is widely receiving great critics for both, his studio and his stage performances. Not that surprising, he won the Emerging Artist category at the Americana Music Honors & Awards 2018. The video below, for example has close to ten million views on YouTube at the time of writing.


Tyler Childers – Country Squire – Track by Track

Country Squire lasts 35 minutes. It contains nine tracks.


1. Country Squire

The title track is likely the song, which has the most classic country music format. And even the chorus is a quite classic one touching the country music lover’s soul:

Spending my nights in a bar room, Lord
Turnin’ them songs into two-by-fours
Dreaming ’bout the day that I’m sitting by the fire
Huddled with my honey in the Country Squire

2. Bus Route

Bus Route is quite similar. Again, Childers shows how lovely his storytelling is. The lyrics are quite comprehensive, so that he packs a detailed story in three minutes.

3. Creeker

Creeker is the first song, which has significantly stronger bluegrass influences. I chose to present it in a YouTube live bootleg.

4. Gemini

One of the best hooklines of the album. One of these songs which you simply enjoy to listen to. I absolitely like it!

5. House Fire

You can set my house on fire, baby
You can turn it into cinder and smoke
‘Cause this house is mighty cold and I feel like
Melting all the snow away

I feel the fifth track is one of the core ones of the album. Very versatile, many influences and just a nice melody and mesasge.

6. Everloving Hand

This song is quite catchy, easy to grasp. It is even having a touch of mainstream with a strong classic country sound. I am much more into modern country, but I love Tyler Childers way to do his music. Very dominant fiddle in this track as well.

7. Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind is a lovely country music ballad. One of the strongest lyrics telling a family story of an American family.

8. All Yourn

Not too surprisingly, All Yourn was one of the tracks previously spun off as a single. Tyler Childers proofs in this song that he is also able to produce a lovely radio sound in a catching love song.

So I’ll love you ’til my lungs give out, I ain’t lyin’
I’m all your’n and you’re all mine
There ain’t two ways around it
There ain’t no tryin’ ’bout it

9. Matthew

The last song, Matthew, tells a very personal and tragic veteran story. One of these songs which just make you listen to the sound of Tyler Childers and to his lyrics. Love it!


Tyler Childers – Country Squire – My View

When I started listening to Country Squire, I really struggled to get into it. However, after a couple of songs, I just started to enjoy listening to the tunes more and more. It may not be country radio mainstream, but very nicely produced and straight music. The storytelling is awesome. The more I listened to it, the more I felt it is simply a Top Pick! Absolutely deserves a listen to – I definitely recommend it!


Tyler Childers – Country Squire – On Tour 2019

Tyler Childers will tour the United Kingdom and Europe early in 2020. Thereby, he will also step on stage in Germany and neighboring countries.

We 22.01.2019 Nijmegen (NL), Doornroosje
Fr 24.01.2019 Copenhagen (DK), Pumpehuset
Tu 28.01.2019 Berlin, Franz
We 29.01.2019 Amsterdam (NL), Paradiso Noord about Country Music

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