Stef – A Glitch in our Virtual Reality EP

Stef - A Glitch in Our Virtual Reality



3.6/5 Pros

  • Nice versality in a modern pop track
  • Great talent Cons

  • More improvement needed to reach a constant level of good songs

A young pop artist from Nashville – I got into the music from Stef by a Tweet of Christina Taylor, who I recently featured in my Spotlight interviews. Stef’s second EP A Glitch in our Virtual Reality in fact just contains one new song, but I felt she is adding a nice style to the reviews. She has been releasing the EP on 30th April 2021.


Stef – About The Artist

Stef’s full name is Stefani Colvin. She is a 21 year old singer-songwriter from Huntsville, Alabama. Already during high school, she was regularly part of the Nashville music scene. Finally, that lead to her debut EP Why Do I Laugh When I Cry? released in 2019. Two of the songs of the EP, Sour and Voodoo already had quite some success. With her latest songs, Stef grew even more attention. As far as I could get, Stef is also very strongly supported by her social media community.


Stef – A Glitch in Our Virtual Reality – Track by Track

The EP contains eight tracks. Two of them are however just short intro and outro tracks. One song is released in two versions. The playtime is 19 minutes.

1. intro

The song starts with a forty second intro. Nothing special, honestly.

2. i used to build dreams about you.

The first song of the album is a dreamish, modern, emotional. It is also very narrow and limited and gives a nice focus on Stef’s voice.

Not to get all emotional but you’re startin’ to feel like home
Rubbin’ my eyes, can’t believe that it’s true
I used to build dreams about you

3. switch.

The third song switch. is the only song which has not been previously released. The song is rather short (2:12 minutes), but I feel from the instrumentation and melodic side, it is of the best ones in here. Some touch of rock when Stef is accompanied by distorted guitar licks.

4. kickin all the pieces of my heart.

I have to admit that this fourth song is the track I can likely relate least to. Its simplicity definitely leads to the fact that you can remind the song very well, but the other songs on the EP just come with more elements, more surprising moments.

5. hi, my name is lonely.

This song boosted Stef’s career to the next level, for sure. The song about to crush 900k streams on Spotify soon.

Hi, my name is lonely, lonely, thought you’d never know me
Lock me in a closet but the darkness keeps me growing
Quiet violence, breaking all the china
Try to run and hidе but people know I’m gonna find you
Cuz I’m lonely, lonеly, lonely, and I’m bored

I like the way the song changes its atmosphere very often. Sometimes, it reminds me of Taylor Swift’s pop recording, then it has the coolness of Madonna recordings. Stef is not quite there yet, but the song comes with a cool vibe.

6. here’s what we’re not gonna do

The sixth track is likely the one which made me smile most. There are so many songs about what people in fact want to do with their lovers – why not doing it vice versa and setting some limits to romance? A song with a nice groove – Stef’s crystal clear voice is creating a very catchy atmosphere.

7. outro.

And here we go – the EP has already come to an end with this 41 second farewell. There is a nice bonus in the eighth track, thogh.

8. i used to build dreams about you. – reimagined

How is like when the artist is re-imagining her song in this version. I like the background atmosphere. I feel that the original feels a bit more sexy, a bit more direct – this last recording on the EP is wider in its sound. A nice bonus on the EP, for sure.


Stef – A Glitch in Our Virtual Reality – Track by Track

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Stef – A Glitch in Our Virtual Reality – Track by Track

Stefani Colvin is indeed a cool girl. A very modern kind of pop, which I still enjoy to listen to. The artist is not yet at her full potential, but the EP already shows some really nice tunes. Good EP, which is not yet ready for the top ratings.


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