Songs Of The Week (week of 28 April 2023)

As I told you in previous postings, I initially gather candidates for my Songs of the Week, before I narrow the selection chose the leading song and create some “dramaturgy” and order around it. This week’s selection is a bit of weird, as there is a block of pop and schlager, followed by some rockers. And the ladies are definitely in the lead this week. I hope that you smile with me and enjoy the songs.


Louka – Nur ein bisschen

The voice you are listening to is Lisa Marie Neumann – but Louka is in fact a duo which is also consisting of Johann Seifert. They are also in a relationship and do music since over ten years together. The duo is based in Berlin and will tour Germany in September 2023.


Anne Eck – Kreise ziehen

I already featured Anne Eck in my Songs of the Week as of 24th February 2023. Now, she is back with her new single Kreise ziehen. The German artist is living in Austria. Nice, gentle sound.


Maria Mena x Darling West – Try Again Tomorrow

The third song is a lovely Norwegian collaboration: Maria Mena already had quite some success outside of her home country. For Try Again Tomorrow, she is pairing up with the Norwegian folk band Darling West. Beautiful ballad.


Eske – Nie mehr vermissen

Nie mehr vermissen by 19 year old artist Eske is one of my favorites this week. The artist alreadyhad some success with her single Hoodie – and this one  She is from East Frisia originally, but nowdays lives in Dusseldorf. Lovely German pop song.


slyn – Ich will mehr

Unfortunately, I just have very little information about this pop artist. Even the press kit is not really giving you too many insights. Bad luck, she is having a really nice sound.


Emma Steinbakken – Home

With Emma Steinbakken, there is another Norwegian artist in my list of new releases this time. I really love to listen to her music. Finally, her debut album seems to be released very soon.


Freya Ridings – Bite Me

In parallel to her album Blood Orange, Freya Ridings released Bite Me as the feature single. I also had a listen to the album – but due to my trip to Iceland next week, I had a very strict editorial planing for a corridor of ten days and could not make it. Really nice sound by the London-born singer-songwriter.


Nadine Sieben – Higher Love

Nadine Sieben released this song in English already and applied to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest. Now, the Ruhrgebiet-oriign artist is doing this song in a German version, which is having her typical schlager-pop sound.


Texas – After All

I just love the sound of Sharleen Spiteri and her band Texas. And any time I get in touch with their music, I have to keep in mind that they are not a US band, but bloody Scottish. The Glasgow-origin recorded a lovely new pop-rock song, After All. On 16th June 2023, they will release the compilation album The Very Best Of 1989 – 2023.


Markus Siebert – Lass Es Regnen

Markus Siebert asks to “Let it rain” and releases this question in a groovy song between schlager, rock and pop. Cool sound, good beat – I like it.


Velvet Wasted – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

The Austrian rock back Velvet Wasted confused me a bit when they released two singles, this one and Good Time under the name Just On Your Own (call it mini-EP…). The music is less confusing and really catching.


Hollywood Undead feat. Jelly Roll – House of Mirrors

It is rocking on this list of songs now more and more. However, Hollywood do their characteristic sound with industrial metal and hip hop elements again. Great listen by the band from California, who joined foreces with Nashville-origin Jelly Roll for this track.


The Crimson Ghosts – As the Whisper Grows

The Crimson Ghosts call themselves the brainripping horrorpunk rockband from Germany. They represent my hometown Cologne this week. And they represent rock force and fun. This one is not whispering at all.


Smash Into Pieces – The Tide

From Cologne to Örebro: Smash Into Pieces are having their fifteenth band anniversary this year. For 2023, the Swedish band has planned a massive number of 150 live shows.


Juicy Roadkill – Violence

Juicy Roadkill are a punk and hard rock band from Hesse, Germany. This song is dealing with why we accept Violence in certain situations so easily. Nice,s traight listen.


Anastacia – Best Days

Anastacia is such an amazing artist in my point of view. With this song, the Chicago-origin US-American artist might make many German listeners smile. In fact, she is covering An Tagen wie diesen by the Dusseldorf punk band Die Toten Hosen.


Ikke Hüftgold, Schürze & DJ Robin – Bumsbar

Make Germans smile – that’s exactly what DJ Robin did with his party schlager song Layla, which has been released about a year ago. Also with some press work firing on controversy about the song, it became one of the most successful songs in Germany in 2022. Now, he is joining forces with German party schlager giant Ikke Hüftgold. I don’t translate what Bumsbar means, it will destroy by Google ranking.


Heino – Zehn Nackte Friseusen

Heino was known for traditional German folk-alike music like Blau blüht der Enzian. In recent years, the German music legend more and more deviated from his traditional genre and turned rock songs and other music into his own style. Now he is going for party schlager tracks. A full album Lieder meiner Heimat will be released in August, this one (“Ten nacked hairdressers”), originally by Micke Krause as of 1999 is one out of two amuse bouches.



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