Kerstin Bogensee – Sonne & Zweifel

Kerstin Bogensee - Sonne & Zweifel



4.7/5 Pros

  • Great storytelling
  • Very balanced Americana album
  • Wide range of songs and topics

I am always a bit of extra-flattered when my most frequently used promotion platform shows an album by a German artist, which is flagged as country music. That applied as well when I ran into Sonne & Zweifel by Kerstin Bogensee. I haven’t been aware of her music so far, even though the album is her sophomore one. Time to change that with this review. The album has been released on 9th February 2024.


Kerstin Bogensee – About The Artist

Kerstin Bogensee is a singer-songwriter from Northern Germany. Her German language songs are inspired by country and folk music. In 2019, she released her debut album Lebenswert (“Worth Living”). In 2022, she also released a song in English, Why Don’t You Marry Me. However, with the two feature singles to Sonne & Zweifel, Wieder wir and Nur ein Lied, she is back in releasing German songs. If you want to learn more about her, I featured her this week in my Spotlight interviews:



Kerstin Bogensee – Sonne & Zweifel – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 40 minutes.

1. Heute scheint die Sonne rein

The strumming guitar in the background of the opener has a touch of Country Roads to me. The fiddle in the background adds some country music-homecoming feeling. The song comes with a happy vibe. What could be better than opening this album with a positive mood. A beautiful song about self-love and enjoying life.

Doch heute scheint die Sonne rein
Ich lass meine Sorgen Sorgen sein
Heute fang’ ich an zu scheinen
Ganz egal, was andere Leute meinen
Und ich bin verliebt in das Leben
Und in mich

(“And today I let the sunshine in
I let the worries being worries
Today, I start shining
No matter what other people think
And I am in love in life
And in myself”)

2. Alles Glück der Erde

Borgensee wrote this song for her kids. She is wishing them Alles Glück der Erde – “all the luck on Earth”. Again, the song is striking with a beautiful, a bit of kitschy melody, which is quickly staying in your mind. Alles Glück der Erde dares to be a bit louder, a bit more present than the opener and even has a sing-a-long part at the end. Nice.

3. Nur ein Lied

The third song is one of the two feature singles. I really love it. Kerstin recorded a beautiful country ballad here with a fine melody. One of the emotional highlights of the album.

Doch ich trockne Deine Tränen
Und ich nehm Dich in den Arm
Werd’ an Deiner Seite gehen
Auch jeden schweren Gang
Und ich schenk Dir meine Liebe
Und wenn es nichts mehr für mich gibt
Sing ich einfach nur ein Lied
Für Dich

(“But I am drying your tears
and I put my arm around you
I will be by your side
In every hard moment (literally: on every heavy walk)
And I give you my love
And if there is nothing more for me
I will simply sing a song
For you”)

4. Lass mich frei (An den Zweifel)

After the self-love song, Lass mich frei (An den Zweifel) is something like the dialectic opposite. An den Zweifel means (“To the doubt”), this song is about self-doubt. In the middle of the song, Bogensee states

Du darfst ja bleiben, ich brauch Dich doch auch
Sei einfach bitte doch nicht mehr so laut

(“You definitely may stay, I need you as well
Just please don’t be that loud any more”)

The song, which was a strong folk music touch, comes with these very personal lyrics. Excellent songwriting.

5. Auf Eis (album version)

As Kerstin stated in the Spotlight interview, she loved her debut single Auf Eis, but did not enjoy the initial do-it-yourself production of the release. Sonne & Zweifel is the perfect opportunity to make it better and have a more mature and professional version of it. After the amazing Lass mich frei (An den Zweifel), this thoughtful and quiet song feels like the perfect match.

6. Wieder wir

Wieder wir (“We again”) is an Americana ballad about re-connecting with a long lost love. Im jetzt und hier wird aus Dir und mir wieder wir (“In the here and now, you and I become we”). In general I love the vocal performance by Kerstin Bogensee on this album, but in that regard, the single release is definitely one of the best.

7. Auf zu neuen Ufern

While the album leaned towards folk music during the last song, Auf zu neuen Ufern is a lovely song in traditional country-rock style. The first uptempo song on the album, which catches you with a nice rhythm and steel guitars. Boots and hats are definitely appropriate at a show by this Northern German artist.

8. Sicher sein

The eighth song of the album is about spending love and comfort. Du kannst Dir sicher sein, ich bin bei Dir (“You can be sure that I am with you”) is the key phrase of the chorus. After dancing with Kerstin during the seventh song, this song is more on the fragile and emotional side again.

9. Wie erklären wir

Wie erklären wir (“How can we explain”) is a song by a mother who is struggling with how the world has changed during recent. War in Europe, people getting more selfish. At least if you understand German, there is a big chance for goosebumps. Very touching and intense listen in a rather traditional singer-songwriter style.

Wie erklären wir unseren Kindern
Was wir selbst nicht verstehen
Der Frieden in Europa
Der so selbstverständlich war
Ist für sie nun ein
Verlorenes Privileg

(“How do we explain to your kids
What we don’t understand by ourselves
Peace in Europe
Which has been that natural
Is now for them a
Lost privilege”)

10. Zufrieden sein

The vibes of Zufrieden sein remind me of a band in a smoky saloon somewhere in the Mid-West. However, while the sound of the song has a stereotypical touch, it is in fact dealing with constantly being under pressure to improve yourself. “I can never be satisfied” is the key statement in here. And the band is playing on as life goes on. Unstoppable.

11. Partyschnecke 2.0

Partyschnecke 2.0 is definitely the song which made me smile most. The uptempo is about the struggle of a over-40 year old woman about having an intense night out. The plans are to party like in your 20’s – but constantly facing the fact that you have become older in the meantime. Hilarious song, which is a must-listen.

12. Wünsche

After all these thoughtful – and funny – songs, closing the album with “Wishes” is an appropriate choice. Bis wir uns wiedersehen, wünsch ich Dir Glück – “I wish you good luck until we meet again”. Can’t wait to see Kerstin Bogensee live on stage one day.


Kerstin Bogensee – Sonne & Zweifel – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Kerstin Bogensee – Sonne & Zweifel – My View

I am really glad to have put a certain focus on Kerstin Bogensee and her new album this week on I really loved to learn about her in the Spotlight interview – and to enjoy her music. Sonne & Zweifel is beautiful German Americana album. Regardless whether you are rather on the folk or on the country music side, you will find songs which make you smile. Good songs with great lyrics. Love it!

Favorite Song: Lass mich frei (An den Zweifel)


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