Sean Patrick McGraw – Hillbilly Hippie

Sean Patrick McGraw - Hillbilly Hippie



4.4/5 Pros

  • Straight, good to listen to album
  • Very nice modern country music sound
  • Some beautiful ballads Cons

  • Some a bit too stereotypical tracks

When I said McGraw and Country Music, I am sure that the vast majority of you shout back Tim!. However, there is another McGraw in the genre: Sean Patrick McGraw released his first full length album since the 2016 Hard Way to Make an Easy Living. I had a listen to Hillbilly Hippie and felt to share it with you . even though the album has already been released a few days before the 7th July 2023, when I release this review.


Sean Patrick McGraw – About The Artist

Sean Patrick McGraw already turned a professional musician in teenage years. The first album I found of him, All Things Texan, is dated as of 1997. However, with the 2005 albums Tales From The Midwest and Songs For Saturday Night, his career seems to have boosted significantly. Another factor for that is that he has been on the Nashville Star TV series in the 2000’s. Since these days, there are regular, but scattered releases of the US-American artist.


Sean Patrick McGraw – Hillbilly Hippie – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 37 minutes.

1. Angry Not So Young Man

That’s a feel-good-opener. The album start with a really nice and catching track. The song is driven by a very nice and present rhythm, which is nicely leading towards the chorus. That one comes with a touch of folk and some harmonica elements. Very nice opener.

2. Middle Of The Night

Just having some chords and drum computer-alike drumming, Middle Of The Night starts rather pop-ish. However, the rhythm rather feels a bit of threatening than being a dancing rhythm. Later, the song develops into a nice country-pop track, which is having this special touch n the verses and the bridge. Very nice.

3. She’s Gonna Make It

I think she’s gonna make it
She’s gonna make it
Yes, I do believe she’s gonna go real far
Let’s give that girl a chance
Let her take it
She’s gonna make it
Yeah, that girl’s gonna be a star.

If you look into Sean Patrick McGraw’s Instagram account, you truly see what a proud father he is. This song is a great fit for it. He believes in the strength and talent of this little girl. This song is a lovely melodic proof for that.

4. All I Want

All I want for you is the best of everything – the album definitely stays on the emotional side. Sean Patrick McGraw delivers the message the right way. Good melody, nice lyrics, very nice and gentle vocal performance. Very nice.

5. I Will Love You More

Okay, if you need some country music romantic feeling, Sean Patrick McGraw is giving you the right mood. And a 4:26 minute overtime. However, be aware that the US guy is significantly increasing the speed of the song in the brdige. So safe some energy for that part.

6. Haunted

Country combined with fast rock’n’roll vibes – that’s about the sound of Haunted, a really  cool sound. No more romantic sounds, this one is full of energy. A nice one for a road trip – at least if there is a rather high speed limit.

7. Hungover It

A few songs of the album feel very familiar – like Hungover It. It is just rather close to Nashville mainstream sounds. This, however, also means that the song has a nice, catchy vibe. I enjoy it.

8. I Miss Us

I don’t miss you, I miss us – that’s also how you may think about a failed, but somehow not that bad romance. I really like the write, even though I feel that the rhythm is a bit too present here and there and rather distracting from the nice recording.

9. Smile On My Face

With Smile On My Face, Sean Patrick McGraw is aiming for a summer country pop song. It is definitely fun to move to the vibes of this song. You shouldn’t be too sensitive about country music stereotypical lyrics if you really want to enjoy this song, though.

10. The Radio Loves Us

Finally, The Radio Loves Us is a straight and typical contemporary country music track. It is an absolutely nice fit into the context of the album. The hook is good, the song stays in your mind. Thus, it is overall a really nice one.

11. She’s Got A Way

Finally, here it is – the only song McGraw already shared with his followers. She’s Got A Way has already been a single release in January 2023. A gentle farewell in the context of the full album – like it!


Sean Patrick McGraw – Hillbilly Hippie – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to the album:


Sean Patrick McGraw – Hillbilly Hippie – My View

Hillbilly Hippie is a really nice listen. Some parts of the album can’t deny that they feel a bit too much like typical modern country albums. Nonetheless, McGraw does define his own style, an own character, which turns the album into a straight, fluent listen. Country Music Top Picks! Reviews in 2023

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