Kaylee Bell – The Red EP (EP)

Kaylee Bell - The Red EP



4.4/5 Pros

  • Great modern country music with pop and rock elements
  • Very characteristic and voice and easy-to-remember memories Cons

  • No new song - the latest one is as of 2019

I really loved listening to Kaylee Bell’s music, when I ran into her performances at the 2019 Country to Country in London. The more I was happy when I listened to her EP The Red EP, which has been released on 26th February 2021. It felt like five songs definitely worth presenting – so here is my first review of music by this female country artist.  Don’t expect new songs, though.

Kaylee Bell – About The Artist

Kaylee Bell is a New Zealand artist from Waimaite, a small town on the East shore of the South Island. She was already very popular towards the beginning of the previous decade, when her 2013 album Heart First was awarded as the Best Country Music Album of the Year in her home country. She performed with Keith Urban during his concerts in Wellington during two tours. She is nowadays living in Australia, but also forth and back in Nashville. The single Keith (which is also part of The Red EP) is her most popular song so far, having over 3.5 million streams on Spotify only.


Kaylee Bell – The Red EP – Track by Track

The EP includes five tracks and lasts 15 minutes. Unfortunately, the EP contains no new song. Getting Closer has been released in 2016 already, all other songs have been releases in 2018 and 2019. In contrast, her recent single Home is not part of the EP.

1. Keith

I know most days go by
It wasn’t wasted time
Had a little bit of everything
Making memories of you and me
Give back when we were us
Once in a lifetime love
Can’t help but think of you
Hope you think of me
When you play that Keith

The EP starts with her finest one. Do I need to comment on it? 3.5 million streams were just right it is a cool track.

2. Wasted On You

Wasted On You spreads summer feeling and happy vibes. A good modern country song with nice rock and rhythmic elements. This song’s got on Spotify some two million listens – and again, the masses don’t do wrong.

3. Getting Closer

I got some sleep last night
I don’t even know how you can close your eyes
It still hurts sometimes
But its getting better all the time
I hope your late night friends
And your one night stands
Makes you feel like a man for a minute
Cause i was in it but now i got closure
And I’m getting closer to getting over you.

Of all songs on the EP, Getting Closer is my favorite. It’s got similar elements than Wasted On You, but I overall feel it is significantly more catchy than its predecessor.

4. Who I Am

Again, Kaylee Bell is doing a lot of nice country power with a rock touch in this album. Really enjoy to listen to your tunes. Nice and catchy chorus.

5. One More Shot

In general, I feel that this EP is nice collection of five really good songs – but from the melodic side, One More Shot is my favorite. I just love to listen to it.

Kaylee Bell – The Red EP – Spotify

Here is The Red EP on Spotify:


Kaylee Bell – The Red EP – My View

I am really mixed about this EP. You can do greatest hits albums. You can do them as a an EP, of course. But releasing a series of four songs, which you consecutively released as singles in the past plus one not-that-older goodie track is a bit of weird. I am very picky about these things. On the other hand, Kaylee Bell gathers five good country pop and country songs on an EP. They are fun to listen, good compositions.I just cannot argue against that I really enjoy to listen to this EP. Music marketing is just a really weird thing to me. Thus, I just have to give her the Top Pick! banner this EP simply deserves.



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