Emily Scott Robinson – American Siren

Emily Scott Robinson - American Siren



4.3/5 Pros

  • Great stories
  • Very well arranged songs
  • Very intense album

She traveled a quarter million miles for her musical career – you just cannot argue that Emily Scott Robinson did not invest in her musical career. Her effort pays back: one of her songs already gathered a couple of million streams and on 29th October 2021, she has been releasing her third album already. The title is American Siren and it tells stories about and around people she has met on this long trip. Here is my review.


Emily Scott Robinson – About The Artist

Emily Scott Robinson is an Americana artist from Greensboro, North Carolina. Her first releases are dated as of 2016, when she also released her debut album Magnolia Queen. Her second album Traveling Mercies (2019) contained her biggest song so far, Better With Time, which comes with over 7.5 million streams on Spotify at the time of writing.


Emily Scott Robinson – American Siren – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 44 minutes.

1. Old Gods

Emily Scott Robinson opens her 2021 album with Old Gods, which has a nice folk/Americana touch. Her high voice guides you through the story of the song. Storytelling in general feels to be her undoubted strength on American Siren – it is so catching to simply listen to this artist.

2. Things You Learn the Hard Way

Things you learn the hard way
Some lessons you can’t teach
Until you’re living through them
The wisdom’s out of reach
Things you learn the hard way

The chorus of the song already telly about the story. The song is full of example, from your first alcohol experience to driving your old car for the very first time on a longer distance. Superb listen.

3. If Trouble Comes a Lookin’

For this song, Emily Scott Robinson chose a very quiet, unagitated setting. That gives you a great focus on the song itself. Well done one.

4. Let ’em Burn

The fourth song is more or less just using Emily Scott Robinson’s voice and the piano. In addition to her singing style, this leads to a very intimate arrangement. Love to listne to it.

5. Cheap Seats

After these slow and quiet songs very majorly concentrating on the vocals, Cheap Seats is a very melodic recording. A song about Singing for the cheap seats, about the life of a emerging music artist.

6. Hometown Hero

In this song, Emily Scott Robinson is praising a Hometown Hero, the story of an Afghanistan veteran. A tragic story between being a hero for the people in his village, but also severely struggling with the experiences made as a young person at war. Great one.

7. Lost Woman’s Prayer

The guitars in this song and Robinson’s high voice almost create an fairy-alike atmosphere. Beautiful recording.

8. Every Day in Faith

This song works with different sounds and atmosphere, which turns it into a really interesting listening experience. Beautifully arranged.

9. Lightning in a Bottle

Regarding the melodic part, you likely don’t have to expect too many new experiences. However, in Lightning in a Bottle, Robinson is partially supported by a male backing voice, which leads to a nice sound. Nonetheless, even this fragile composition about love majorly attracts with its lyrics.

10. Old North State

After so many deep stories, it is nice to finish the album with the fast and happy-sounding ukulele sounds and fiddle melody lines of Old North State. Nice finish.


Emily Scott Robinson – American Siren – Spotify

Here is American Siren on Spotify:


Emily Scott Robinson – American Siren – My View

If you like beautifully told stories of all kinds of background and maybe also love US-American culture and lifestyle, Emily Scott Robinson will give you a great time. The lyrics and stories are just too good. The songs are also very carefully – and sensibly arranged. Very nice listen, indeed.


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