An Early Bird – Diviner

An Early Bird - Diviner



4.0/5 Pros

  • Music with a very individual style
  • Well produced album
  • Great vocal performance Cons

  • If you are not a fan, the songs are too similar

An Early Bird is a solo artist project, which is mixing independent folk styles with dreamy sounds. As I generally liked the unusual releases by his record company Greywood Records in the past, I was curious to listen to Diviner. The ten tracks are already the fourth longer release of the Italian since 2018. The release date is 2nd July 2021.


An Early Bird – About The Artist

The artist behind An Early Bird is called Stefano De Stefano. He was raised in Naples, Italy. He initially was part of a band, before he decided to went solo. He released his first album in October 2018, titled Of Ghosts & Marvels. One year later, the released an EPIn Depths. Some of the songs on Diviner are in fact much older, though. A few examples have been written during 2005. Last year, he released another album, Echoes Of Unspoken Words.


An Early Bird – Diviner – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 34 minutes.

1. Help Me Shine

The press kit stated the description of An Early Bird’s music. How could I do better. A touch of dream pop over folk melodies. Already the first track Help Me Shine clearly shows: this is maybe not music for the masses, but a very special, intimate sound. Nice and promising opener.

2. Fishes in the Ocean

The second song of the album has maybe a bit more folk touch (i.e. less dream-sound touch) than the opener, but overall, the ingredients used by the artist are similar. A nice, crystal-clear sound of music. Beautiful.

3. Prayers in a Temple

The rhythmic elements in the back give a very special, almost frightening touch for this song. Overall, the Italian keeps his style in this song again, though

4. Bad Timing

Bad Timing works with a lot of electronic sounds and distortion, especially at the beginning. Clear, almost acoustic parts pop up here and there. I have to say that I longed for some different sound on the one hand – but on the other, this track also confuses me.

5. Holding onto Hope

After this critics, De Stefano presents my favorite track on this album. I even feel a slight touch of country music in here. The key elements of the song are surely the rhythm and the piano sounds in the background.

6. One Week

One Week adds a very melancholic song to the album. For the first time on Diviner, An Early Bird adds string sounds in a significant way.

7. Go All Out

Overall, I have to say that I majorly enjoy the songs which have a slight touch of this dreamy atmosphere and a lot of melody and folk touch. Go All Out is one of these tracks, which is nicely creating a magical atmosphere around the vocal presentation. Very well done.

8. Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive is a very enjoyable and happy-sounding song – unfortunately, the song is the shortest on the whole album. I definitely enjoy its sound.

9. Under My Skin

Apart from the musical signature, the music videos of An Early Bird have some special touch as well. Under My Skin is the last song on the album, which has already been released a single. A lot of echo in here, back towards the dream sound. The track is very catchy, though. Thus, I really enjoy the listen.

10. Angela

The album closes with a love letter to chancellor Merkel… Okay, just kidding, it is a love track about a lady sharing the same first name. And the song is a beauty. But there is no politics in this finale. Nice finish, definitely!


An Early Bird – Diviner – Spotify

Here is Diviner on Spotify:


An Early Bird – Diviner – My View

Musis like this album always comes with a huge problem to me: either, you are a fan of the artist or of very similar songs. Then, you will love Diviner. There is no doubt it is well produced music. If this style is not on the top of your list, you need to invest a lot to really enjoy the listen. To me, there are too many similarities and songs that just take too much from me to fully enjoy them. Sorry for that!


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