Ingrid Andress – Good Person

Ingrid Andress - Good Person



3.7/5 Pros

  • Nice compilation of songs
  • Very good vocal performance and lyrics Cons

  • Very similar plots and styles used

Ingrid Andress had an incredible first step into her career. Her debut single More Hearts Than Mine has been nominated for the Best Country Song at the Grammy Awards 2021, the album Lady Like was in the list of candidates for the Best Country Album. Even though Andress finally did not win one of the world-famous gramophones, this definitely raises the expectation level on her sophomore release, Good Person. I had a listen to the 26th August 2022 release.


Ingrid Andress – About The Artist

I gave some basic information on Ingrid Andress in my Lady Like album review (which I had a different view on than the Academy did). Since then, especially the 2021 single release Wishful Drinking sent Andress back into the charts. The duet with Sam Hunt received a golden record in the USA and Canada and his part of the Good Person album.


Ingrid Andress – Good Person – Track by Track

The thirteen song album lasts 44 minutes.

1. Good Person

Five out of thirteen songs have already been released (which is a pretty good quota for an US release..) – and the title track is one of them. The song is taking a lovely leading role which listening to the album. Lovely slow track, which is beautifully focusing on the lyrics and Ingrid Andress’ voice.

‘Cause I’ve cheated and lied
And made people cry
But I pray for the ones that I love every night
And I’ve shattered some hearts
And my thoughts get dark
But I’d stop for a stranger who’s falling part
I’m still learning
Good, good person

2. Yearbook

Yearbook works with the same ingredients as the opener: the instrumentation is even more limited than at Good Person, there are just some gently strummed guitar chords and some atmospheric elements. Ingrid Andress wants you to listen to her story about the somehow unfortunate love of her parents.

3. Seeing Someone Else

Seeing Someone Else is the first song which comes with some louder and country-pop alike elements. To me, this is the best solo single release before the album. Very straight recording, clear lyrics. The song simply stays in my mind.

I think you’re seeing someone else
I think you’re seeing who I used to be
I bet you wish I was the girl that you met
Out at a bar making a mess of 23

4. Talk

All we ever do is talk, talk, talk… The fourth song works with strings and other “plushy” sounds in the background. I cannot argue against that this is a really nice listen with a good aura – but the song just does not catch me. It simply feels much thinner to me than its predecessors.

5. How Honest Do You Want Me to Be?

Apart from the extremely short duration of her debut album, a key point which lead to a rather low rating for Lady Like at that I felt that the songs were good individually, but too tiring and too similar as a compilation. In regards of points, Good Person feels to be significantly improved to me. I have to admit that I felt that the beginning of How Honest Do You Want Me To Be? felt very similar to other tracks in here – but finally, the rhythmic country-pop song creates its own style.

6. No Choice

Almost the first half of the close-to-four-minutes No Choice is a piano ballad style song, but then the song turns into a very energetic, almost angry atmosphere. Later, the song alters between these two extremes. This plot finally leads to a really nice listening experience.

7. Pain

Pain is likely already known to you as a single. The plot feels very similar to No Choice to me – just that the quiet parts or Pain are louder and the loud parts of the song are quieter than on the song before. The chorus is good, but in the context of the album, I am mentally still bound with No Choice. The great feature of Pain, though, is a great vocal performance.

8. Feel Like This

Yeah, this feels like homemade cooking
Like backyard kissing
Like hold the door open and I laugh
But it’s nice like Sunday sleepin’ in
Baby, I’m leaning in
Conversations, I can tell that you’re listening
I thought I knew what
I knew what love was
Guess I didn’t know at all
‘Cause I don’t know what this is
But I think love’s supposed to feel like this

Finally, Feel Like This feels like many of the songs on the album. Good Person works with atmosphere, with stories. However, the melodic elements and the different plots of songs are limited. This song is a perfect example for: it’s a blast when you listen to it individually – but it looses some magic when you listen to it in the context of the album, unfortunately.

9. Blue

A ballad, that’s it. No atmospheric changes, just a straight slow and emotional song. And it works, as Blue is simply a beautiful listen.

10. Falling for You

I hope I never stop falling, never stop falling for you – that’s the key phrase of this song. The song is comparably melodic and thus rather feels a mainstream-ish. Nice listen.

11. All the Love

At most the nice groove and the pop-ish la-la-la in the bridging vocal parts feel new. Apart from that, I cannot relate too much to All The Love, unfortunately. It feels a bit like they aimed to do a bit too much of that pushing for sweet and gentle sounds.

12. Things That Haven’t Happened Yet

Before the Wishful Drinking finale, Ingrid Andress goes for another very slow and atmospheric. Only the phrase forming the title of this twelfth track lead to an almost cheeky rhythm.

13. Wishful Drinking (feat. Sam Hunt)

If you compare the closer with the other tracks of this album, the song is almost a die-hard rocker. It is officially marked as a bonus track of the album, which also supports my thoughts about it. On the one hand, I appreciate it as a really nice listen and it is quite far up on my list of favorites in here – but on the other hand, in the context of Good Person, it feels like an alien element to the album.


Ingrid Andress – Good Person – Spotify

Here is Good Person on Spotify:


Ingrid Andress – Good Person – My View

I definitely like Good Person much more than Lady Like. However, I feel that my review will again rather be on the lower range of review ratings of Ingrid Andress 2022 release. Andress is simply not catching me as other artists do. The lyrics are good, the songs are nice individually – but in the context of the album, there is also something which is tiring me. The album has some too predictable elements. For other listeners, this may be right inside your comfort zone.


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