Sam Hunt – Locked Up EP

Sam Hunt - Locked Up



4.6/5 Pros

  • Very energetic and good country songs
  • Different styles of songs Cons

  • Just four songs

This week, Sam Hunt announced that he will tour North America in the Locked Up tour. Support acts will be Russell Dickerson and George Birge. The same week, on 5th April 2024, the US-American artist is releasing the corresponding EP with the same title. I had a listen.


Sam Hunt – About The Artist

Sam Lowry Hunt was born on 8th December 2024 in Cedartown, Georgia. He turned into a professional artist in 2008. However, it took him some six years until he released his debut EP X2C in August 2014, followed rather quickly by his debut album Montevalo. The album topped the US-American country charts. After two EPs in 2015, Spotify Sessions and Spotify Sessions II in the following year, the frequency of releases did decrease significantly, though. The only major release since 2015 is the album Southside, which I reviewed in April 2020.


Sam Hunt – Locked Up – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 14 minutes.

1. Locked Up

The title track is one of two songs which have already been released. Sam Hunt is having a rather typical, but emotional song at the beginning of the EP. Really nice listen.

2. Country House

I wanna live in a country house, in a country house with you
I want a stove full of wood and coal on a hill with a heavenly view
Where the days are longer and our love gets stronger
And the grass is a little bit blue
Cutting wood for the whittle of it – out in the middle of the country
In a country house with you

The chorus already tells you: this one is definitely not free from any country music stereotypical lyrics. The verses come with that typical, modern touch of hip hop. However, the song has a really nice groove – which overall leads to really nice listen.

3. Last Hurrah

Last Hurrah is taking the role of the ballad in this four track ensemble. Sam Hunts vocals are really intense, the song comes with a great atmosphere as well. Absolutely love it!

4. Outskirts

With 55 million streams on Spotify only, the energetic chucker-out Outskirts is something like the superhero in this set of songs. A really good song, which underlines Sam Hunt’s qualities and talent.


Sam Hunt – Locked Up – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Sam Hunt – Locked Up – My View

Unfortunately, Sam Hunt just shares four songs with us – or strictly speaking: two new ones. This EP would have deserved one or two more songs. The songs you get are all good ones. Thus, it is absolutely fun listening to the short 14 minutes of Locked Up.

Favorite Song: Outskirts in Atlanta

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