Justin Moore – Straight Outta The Country

Justin Moore - Straight Outta The Country



4.1/5 Pros

  • Seven good country songs
  • Nice range of moods and emotions Cons

  • No outstanding or very strong track
  • Neither an EP nor an album

Justin Moore is indeed a big name in the country music industry. With Straight Outta The Country, he is releasing his sixth studio album. He released it on 23rd April 2021.


Justin Moore – About The Artist

Justin Cole Moore was born on 30th March 1984 in Poyen, Arkansas. At the age of 18, he moved to Nashville. It took him six more years to sign his first record deal. In 2009, he released his self-titled debut album under that deal – and it already become a #3 in the US Country Charts, got a tenth place in the overall US album charts and secured a platinum record. The album’s success has been boosted by his third single, Small Town USA, which lead the country singles charts. Another successful song of that album was Backwoods. In 2011, the single If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away lead to another country chart lead and a platinum record – just as the corresponding album Outlaws Like Me did. Thereafter, Moore had #1 airplay songs and two more chart-leading albums, but no more Number one song in the US.

The last chart lead he had was in 2015, when You Look Like I Need a Drink lead the Canadian charts, though. His last longer release was Late Night and Longnecks in 2019.


Justin Moore – Straight Outta The Country – Track By Track

The eight track album lasts 24 minutes.

1. Hearing Things

The album is giving me a country music comfort zone from the very beginning. Powerful, nice country music track with rock elements. Good opener, indeed.

2. Consecutive Days Alive

The 3:30 minutes of the Consecutive Days Alive just continue how the album has started: straight modern country, which I would call trucker country rock. This song is for the road – and while it feels a bit more quiet at the beginning, the electric guitars are having fun towards the end of the track. Good one.

3. We Didn’t Have Much

While Hearing Things has been released together with the album, We Didn’t Have Much was the first song released out of Straight Outta The Country.

There was dirt on daddy’s clothes
From putting that bacon on mama’s stove
Dog barking in the yard at a truck we don’t know
All we had was us
And that little bitty house and a lotta love
We had it all when we didn’t have much

The songs are a bit of stereotypical for country music… But hey, they are really well done. This one is definitely a beauty.

4. She Ain’t Mine No More

She ain’t mine no more
Done got her moving on, moving for sure
It’s clear as day and here tonight
Like a letting go long-gone neon sign
She ain’t mine no more
She ain’t walking back through my door
She ain’t drinking my wine or kissing my lips
And that dress ain’t hitting the floor
She ain’t mine no more

The second single of this album has been released just a few weeks before this publication. I love the classic steel guitar sound. Still, the song comes with the energy of Justin Moore songs. A beauty, for sure.

5. More Than Me

The album stays emotional: Justin Moore is grabbing the acoustic guitar and doing a lovely country ballad. No ones gonna love me more than me – I am sure, the lady is enjoying these notes.

6. Straight Outta the Country

Creaking guitars and an intense groove – the title track is one of the riff lovers again. The song almost feels a bit of angry, even though it is a song about country life. Moore is using a lot of different sounds and elements here, from cool guitar sounds to a background choir in one part. The coolest song of the album to me.

7. You Keep Getting Me Drunk

Love and alcohol are always a good mixture to do a successful country track – and this duet (I have no information about the female voice in the background) is definitely a lovely one. Rather traditional instrumentation and mid-tempo lead to an enjoyable listen.

8. We Didn’t Have Much (acoustic)

We Didn’t Have Much, part 2 – the album closes with the acoustic version of Justin Moore’s successful 2020 single. I personally prefer the original, but I feel that Moore has recorded a really lovely version with that one as well.


Justin Moore – Straight Outta The Country – Spotify

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Justin Moore – Straight Outta The Country – My View

Justin Moore just delivers what you would expect of him: seven good modern country songs, typically with a lot of guitar power – but also with some intimate and emotional moments. Straight Outta The Country is very long for an EP and too short for an album – but I am sure that country lovers will have 24 good minutes with that recording. Overall, I miss a magical touch for an even better rating.


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