Orianthi – Rock Candy

Orianthi - Rock Candy



4.9/5 Pros

  • Great, fun rock anthems
  • A lot of fun
  • Very good instrumental work

Fans had to wait seven years, until Orianthi released her album O in November 2020. This time, they just had to stand some two years. I was really curious how the Australian’s new album would sound like. Here is my review of Rock Candy, the 2022 album by the female rock artist. Release date has been 14th October 2022.


Orianthi – About The Artist

Rock Candy is the fifth album by Orianthi, who worked with very prominent musicians already in rather early years. The artist was born in 1985 in Adelaide. More bio information can be found in the O album review. Nowadays, she is living in the United States.


Orianthi – Rock Candy – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 31 minutes.

1. Illuminate, Pt. I

Call it an intro or a showcase of her beautiful guitar skills – Orianthi opens her 2022 with a lovely 56 seconds instrumental intro.

2. Light It Up

The first song already starts with full Australian rock forces. Great work on the guitar create a perfect base for a stadium hard rocker, which is just made to part and to rock together. Great one.

3. Fire Together

After Light It UpFire Together almost feels like the perfect name for a sequel track. The song has its very own character, however. But: once Orianthi reaches the chorus, the quiet moments are forgotten and the riffs become harder. And we back in the rock party mood. Nice!

4. Where Did Your Heart Go

The fourth song is maybe just not a power ballad, but it does show a more emotional side of the Australian rock lady. Again, the song is driving by a simple, but very catching chorus and a lot of energy driven from the six-string section.

5. Red Light

If you listen to Rock Candy as a whole, it feels like the fourth song is made to cool down and relax, before you are blown by the full rock force. A hot starter with a blast of a chorus and great hard rock work on the drums and the guitar. Orianthi 2022 is fun!

6. Void

Can you feel the void?

Okay, the chorus is not really an example for deep lyrics. But the song is a perfect example for an Orianthi song. It is made to make you smile. It is made to make you move to the music. The guitars are so loud anyway to do deep and meaningful things. Musical meditation for rockers. Void also comes with very nice work on the bass side.

7. Burning

Lay me down in a bed of diamonds
I get drunk off every lie you tell
You leave me burning
You leave me frozen
I guess I just like to drag my heart through hell

I just felt it is unfair just to give you the – sparse – lyrics of the Void chorus. Burning comes with distorted sounds, a strong groove and thus is a rather unique listen on this album. The chorus is a nice, typical Orianthi listen.

8. Living Is Like Dying Without You

Living Is Like Dying Without You shows a very different side of the rocker from Down Under. Just her voice and an acoustic guitar. She almost sounds like a country music artist. Lovely different aspect of this album.

9. Witches And The Devil

The ninth one is a short track, about two minutes, which is again showing a deep, heavy, almost blues-ish groove. Nice.

10. Getting To Me

The last full-length song connects nicely to the first track of the album. Straight party rock – the larger the venue the better. Three minutes of high level rock force with a lot of fun.

11. Illuminate, Pt. II

Orianthi closes her 2022 album just as she opened it – with an instrumental show case. This time, you enjoy two minutes of listening before you look forward for the repeat.


Orianthi – Rock Candy – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Orianthi – Rock Candy – My View

I absolutely liked O, but I love this one. Yeah, it is not the deepest and most thoughtful musical entertainment you may consume on this planet. But if you want to relax, have fun, just want to rock, go for this lady. She did an amazing job in that regard.


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