The Highway Women – The Highway EP

The Highway Women - The Highway



3.9/5 Pros

  • Five really good songs
  • Great touch of rock music
  • Nice vocal performance Cons

  • No new song - one track is already two years old

Four ladies doing country music with a touch of rock – this definitely sounds like an interesting piece of music. Indeed, when I scanned the 27th November 2020 releases, I ran into The Highway, which is the debut EP by The Highway Women (not to confuse with The Highwayman or The Highwomen). Here are my thoughts about their music.


The Highway Women – About The Artists

The Highway Women is a group of four female country music artists – Jess Paige, Drew Haley, Kristen Kae and Bailey James. The first release I found of the Nashville project is Highwayman released in 2016 (which is in fact a slightly altered cover the The Highwayman single), which is also their most popular song on Spotify so far (113k streams). The Highway is the debut EP of the band. It is however not containing any new song. Three of the tracks have been released as singles during 2020 already, Stand Up and Fight is a 2019 single and The Devil is dated as of 2018.


The Highway Women – The Highway – Track by Track

The EP holds five track and lasts 16 minutes.

1. The Highway

The EP starts with The Highway, a straight and well-produced country rocker. The four artists lead to a very nice, harmonic sound, I especially enjoy listening to the chorus. Good song.

2. Stand Up and Fight

Here we go girls, here we go girls – even though the start of that song is rather slow, it again combines country music, good voices and a touch of rock. I feel if the girls would have dared to be even more foreceful and rocking in this track, it could have been a massive one.

3. Shake The Dust

218 subscribers on YouTube only – Shake The Dust is a perfect illustration that the Cumberland River area just holds such a massive bunch of talent. The song is especially catchy due to the beautiful vocal collaboration. Good stuff, indeed!

4. God Made Me Right

This song’s for all the lovely ladies
who just wanna have fun tonight
This song’s for all out there women
who’re not goig down without a fight

This self-confident track is another rocking beauty. The powerful and angry verses compared with the melodic, pop-alike chorus (which is finishing traditionally with fiddle tunes) leads to a very versatile, great listen song.

5. The Devil

The Devil is about two years old – and I feel that the four ladies really improved their style during that period. The song is rather touching some R&B to me, but the harmonies are not as well set as in the tracks before. Still a nice one.


The Highway Women – The Highway – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to the The Highway EP:


The Highway Women – The Highway – My View

The Highway is definitely a nice collection of five songs by four talented country music ladies. It is really a good listen and I enjoyed it very much. On the negative side, you just have to mention that if you know the band already, you will likely skip that EP. It’s just a bit too disappointing that there is not a single new song.


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