Songs Of The Week (week of 20th October 2023)

Just two months until Christmas. You feel that in my this week’s edition of the Songs of the Week definitely. First of all, I close with two Christmas songs this time. Secondly, there are quite a lot of calm and gentle songs. The cuddling season is about to start soon. Hopefully you have some warm feelings listening to my new release selection.


Lillian Hepler – Call Me Yours

This might be a big career, I guess. US-American artist Lillian Hepler is already followed by some two million people on TikTok. Originally from Utah, she is nowadays located in Los Angeles. The press kit states that she was singing before she could even speak. I am sure she is more talkative nowadays – there will be a lot of interviews ahead.


Jonas Hackner – Komm

The second song I present to you this week is Komm by Jonas Hackner, who is from Bavaria in Southern Germany. A really lovely song with some warm vibes.


Michael Lane – Gettin’ By

Michael Lane is one of my safe havens for these postings. His tracks are mostly beautiful folk-pop recordings with a very gentle, personal touch. Just like his latest one, Gettin’ By. He makes me smile another time.


Bow Anderson – Dear Body

Dear body, I just wanna say I’m sorry
Cause I’d never do this to somebody else
But it’s easy to hurt myself

Edinburgh-origin Bow Anderson is presenting an amazing, very personal song. There is just nothing more I can say – it is simply a great one and would have deserved to lead this posting… But there was another great one.


James Bay – All My Broken Pieces

With James Bay, there is another touching, very personal British recording in my list of new releases this time. Fun fact: the song is already about some ten years old. James Bay ran into the demo again and felt that it would be a great release. I agree.


Frederico – Two Times

Frederico is a German artist from Bautzen in East Germany (one of the key cities for mustard in the country…). His pop track also has the right spice food a nice dance. Enjoy yourself!


Cat Ballou – Gute Zeit

The second half of October is the typical season where Cologne carnival bands present their main songs for the upcoming carnival time (starting at 11th November 2023). However, the pop track Gute Zeit by one of my local favorites Cat Ballou is definitely heading for nationwide and not only carnival-related fun. A really nice sing-a-long-feel-good track.


Stefanie Hertel – Bacherl 2.0

I had the list of songs already closed when I ran into the lately delivered promo for this song. The lovely Stefanie Hertel, part of the German country family trio More Then Words, goes back to her very first big song Über jedes Bacherl geht a Brückerl (“There is a bridge over each small creek”) and puts it into a very different arrangement. I absolutely love it.


Denise Repolusk – Alles nur für dich

Denise Repolusk is an Austrian artist from Styria. Alles nur für Dich (“Everything just for you”) is a typical schlager track with some pop vibes. The synth is maybe a bit much, but the song is overall a really catching one.


Kerstin Ott x Ben Zucker- An diesen Tagen

Kerstin Ott and Ben Zucker are two really big names in the German schlager and schlager-pop business. It would definitely be disappointing if this collaboration would not lead to a good song. But, of course, they do a good one together.


Blackout Problems – Puzzle

Blackout Problems broke up as a quartet, now they started to kick off the band history with a new chapter. Three band members are left. Based in Munich, they do cool alternative rock. Puzzle is teasing the upcoming album Riot.


Thomas Nicholas Band – Tomorrow’s Gonna Hurt

I am very sure you know Thomas (Ian) Nicholas, even if you don’t have his name in mind. The Las Vegas-born artist was not only part of Harry and the Hendersons, he also played Kevin in American Pie. Despite his remarkable career in acting, he is also a really good musician.


OneRepublic – Dear Santa

Okay, I warned you in the introduction (did you read it?) – I feel it is slowly time to think about Christmas trees, presents, reindeer… and Dear Santa. OneRepublic is giving us a nice, a bit of stereotypical Christmas pop song. I definitely like it.


Wolfgang Petry – Immer wenn es schneit

Wolfgang Petry is closing my list this time. The son g a nice one, which is about looking back to childhood days during the holiday season. A lot of jingle bell sound in here, but not too kitschy. Apart from that, I feel that Immer wenn es schneit (“Whenever it snows”) comes with a beautiful, typical “Wolle” Petry hook.


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