Songs Of The Week (week of 12th April 2024)

It’s been quite tough for me this week to keep up and running. I had a stronger cold this week and had to relax a lot. Made it over the finish line for this time – might be a bit of trouble for next week, though, as my backlog is rather empty. My Songs of the Week this time are rather pop-ish. Not too many songs again – but I feel that there are some real gems in it.


Perrie – Forget About Us

I was absolutely amazed when I looked in the high early morning streaming figures of this debut single. However, Perrie is well-known already as former part of Little Mix. Going solo now, British Perrie Louise Edwards is still doing lovely pop songs. And she is supported by a massive community of some 20 million followers on Instagram only.


Lumix x Michael Schulte x Paradigm – Troublemaker

This collaboration around Austrian producer and DJ Lumix made me smile the most this week. Based on the theme of French song Frere Jacques, he produced this dance pop song, together with German artist Michael Schulte and multi-national Pradigm. Funny and somehow cool release.


James Carter – Tomorrow

James Carter is a British DJ and producer. Originally from London, he is nowadays based in Berlin. He had multiple big songs already – but Bad Memories was definitely outstanding. Tomorrow feels like another really nice dance pop catch.


Royal Republic – Ain’t Got Time

Ain’t Got Time is featuring the new album by Royal Republic, LoveCop, which will be released in June. The Swedish rockers from Malmö recorded a lovely modern rock’n’roll song with a nice swing. Great one.


Kensington Road – Charlie Is Alive

Kensington Road is a German indie rock band. The band name is by the way named after a street in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, where singer Stefan Tomek used to live for a while. Te band is just about to kick off their tour through Germany. Charlie Is Alive sounds like a great song to hold on and listen to the band. Lovely sound.


Jack Savoretti & Natalia Imbruglia – Ultime Parole

British, Australian and Italian – Natalia Imbruglia is indeed having a wide range of cultural and family roots. This week, she is joining forces with British Jack Savoretti, whose father is Italian, for one of the most special and lovely recordings of the week. The multi-lingual Ultime Parole is also the feature single for Savoretti’s new album, Miss Italia, which is due on 17th May 2024.


Moritz Bäckerling – Wach

Wach is the first single of Moritz Bäckerlings to-be-released EP Nacht (“Night”). He also announced a second EP called Tag (“Day”). After Bäckerling is already successful as an actor, this feels like the perfect kick-off to a career in modern pop music.


Sarah Julia – Toughless Man

Sarah Julia is a band of two Dutch siblings, originally from Rotterdam, Sarah and Julia Naula. The Wednesday single release Toughless Man was in parallel to their EP release How Do We Go Back To Being Normal. Nice one.


Myle – Can I Call You Mine?

I featured Myle already twice in major releases, his EP Sad Boy Summer and the debut album Songs To Scream In The Car. His new single Can I Call You Mine comes with the same lovely ease of his pop style. by the Southern German artist.


Mountain Crew – Lederhosen Rock n Roll

One of my favorites this week is this track by the Austrian schlager-rock band Mountain Crew. Nice song, which stays in your mind.


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